From daily IT requests to challenging corporate projects, GES works alongside you on the best customised next-gen solutions for your IT infrastructure.


Dynamic growing IT company with an experienced and high skilled team in Luxembourg.


The way we see it, an effective partnership is about far more than occasionally bidding as a supplier when you’ve got a really important project; actually it’s about providing ongoing support for all those projects on which you need help.

These one-off needs may involve:
• supplying professional hardware and software
• firmware updates
• system upgrades

• helpdesk support
• etc.

And then, surely your closest and most actively involved partner is best-placed to help you with strategic projects?

So we can also offer key skills in various areas:

• virtualisation projects
• consolidation projects
• system security projects
• storage projects
• support
• consulting
• etc.

We can do this by bidding for a tender or else you can ask us to draw up the specifications.
What added value can we offer?

Our ability to develop a close relationship and adapt, plus our determination to work alongside you.

Our clients include government bodies, banks, insurance companies and industrial businesses, and they’ll vouch for us, so please feel to get in touch if you’d like to find out more!


16 employees in Luxembourg

• Entreprise Services
• Outsourcing Solutions
• Managed Services
• Datacenter& Infrastructure Solutions

Contact us

Geoffrey Cousin - General Manager


+352 27 766 266

4, rue John Lennon - L-4371 BELVAUX


(+352) 27 766 266

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L’entité luxembourgeoise de la banque norvégienne DNB a confié la gestion de son infrastructure au prestataire de services IT luxembourgeois GES. Depuis plus de dix ans, les deux structures entretiennent des liens de proximité et de confiance, permettant de faire évoluer efficacement l’environnement informatique de l’institution financière.


Acteur incontournable de l’hôtellerie de prestige en Belgique, avec 11 hôtels, dont le Château du Lac de Genval, le Groupe Martins s’appuie sur GES pour répondre à ses besoins informatiques, notamment pour la gestion et la maintenance de son infrastructure.


Acteur de la consultance et intégrateur d’infrastructure IT, GES accompagne de nombreux acteurs luxembourgeois depuis 2011. La société compte désormais une vingtaine de collaborateurs, assurant à ses clients un service de proximité, répondant aux besoins spécifiques du marché luxembourgeois.