In times where organizations require reinvention and innovation, EY helps you transform your business, build a new vision and unlock value creation.

EY Consulting provides solutions to help our clients meet their vision and business ambitions:

  • Growth and customer centric strategy, including digital transformation, ESG journey and more
  • Transformation of business and operating models
  • Technology enablers and disruptive technologies
  • Operations and managed services

Beyond supporting our clients transforming for the future, for example in their ESG journey, we help them manage part of their operations. Our managed services will bring you high value services, helping you focus on your core operational activities. From envisioning new products for your clients and defining agile target operating models, to implementing the appropriate technical architecture, EY Consulting is your partner.


  1. Digital transformation

We help our clients re-think their business strategy and operating model adapting to unpredictable changes, addressing incubation and innovation as well as continuous customer experience implementation. Smart automation and data analytics are essential parts of this transformation.

  1. Technology-enabled transformation

We help you leverage the technology to reach the business vision. Our services include IT and infrastructure strategy, governance and optimization, package selection and implementation, sourcing and outsourcing applications and infrastructure optimization Including operations through our PSF platform.

  1. ESG

Our services encompass the full spectrum of the ESG topic: from the regulatory agenda (disclosure, reporting, risk
integration…) to the strategy questions (what is one’s position with regards to ESG), business operational impacts (products and services, risk management, reporting processes), and IT requirements (data, technology enablers, reporting engine…). We provide our clients with the large suite of assets, tools and managed services that will enable to accelerate their ESG transition.

  1. Data privacy and cyber security

EY Cybersecurity experts assist their clients in strengthening their cyber risk posture and capabilities through cybersecurity program management, penetration testing & red teaming, certifications and CISO services. By leveraging our alliances with Microsoft, SAP, and others, we provide identity and access management, cloud adoption and security monitoring services. We also advise on data management, data loss prevention, data privacy programs, including compliance with GDPR, data scans and DPO operations.

  1. Regulatory & compliance managed services

We help organizations manage the impacts of regulation and compliance on their strategy, operations, processes, resources, IT systems, clients, third parties, and human resources.




+2.000 employees in Luxembourg
400.000 employees Worldwide

• Outsourcing Solutions
• Finance Regulatory Solutions
• Security and Privacy Solutions
• Development Consultancy and Services
• ERP & CRM Solutions

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(+352) 42 12 41


(+352) 42 12 41

35E, Avenue John F. Kennedy - L-1855 Luxembourg

(+352) 42 12 41

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