The expansion of the digital world has significantly changed our way of working, bringing more flexibility and agility to the business, exposing more and more services to customers and consumers. The modern attack surface evolves therefore rapidly and always changes, increasing the risk of a Cyber-attack.

It is no longer enough to deploy security products and hope to be safe. Standing up to today’s threats, including hacker groups, viruses, and other ransomware, requires highly trained cybersecurity professionals and sophisticated technologies.

Excellium Services is a cybersecurity pure-play company established since 2012 in Luxembourg and Belgium. The company is involved, in multiple sectors (financial, transport, industry, public sector, etc.)..

The company employs 200+ people in BELUX acting exclusively in the Cyber Security domain. Our experience and expertise help customers to take the right decisions in developing, implementing, and managing their Cyber Security. Our capabilities are distributed into several teams covering all areas and aspects of Cyber Security: from Governance to Implementation, Operations and Controls.

Here are the key points why our customers choose Excellium Services Group as a partner:

· Our track record of improving our customers security posture, by meeting their Cyber Security challenges head-on via selective application of our portfolio; whether it be Governance, Training, Infrastructure, Audit & Intrusion, Application Security , CSIRT or CSOC activities.

· Our managed services and CSIRT activities which have demonstrated Excellium Services Group ability to detect and react against sophisticated attacks.

· Our expertise in services comprising Cyber Security technologies and techniques, delivered by experienced staff, backed by regular training programs.

· Our innovations in a cycle of continuous improvement through our research and development

· Our partnerships with market leaders in infrastructure hosting, governance, and IT security.

· Numerous references with major players in the banking, insurance, government, industry, and critical infrastructure sectors.

Today, Excellium Services Group is by far the leading SOC provider on the Luxembourg market with more than 45 active references. Beyond the SOC Services, Excellium has already gained the trust of more than 180 clients across its portfolio of activities. In October 2022, Thales (Euronext Paris: HO), a global leader in advanced technologies and cybersecurity, has completed the acquisition of two European cybersecurity companies, Excellium (in Belgium and Luxembourg) and S21sec (in Spain and Portugal). This partnership provides Excellium Services Group an access to additional capacities in threat intelligence and incident response creating the top 5 European cybersecurity pure-play company by revenues and personnel.

• Security Operations Center (SOC)
• Preparation and response to incident (CSIRT)
• Network and Security Solutions
• Security Governance
• Intrusion and application security
• Cloud security

+ 175 employees in Luxembourg
+ 200 employees BELUX

Contact us

Christophe Bianco - MANAGING PARTNER


(+352) 661 154 538



(+352) 621 839 825

5, rue Goell - L-5326 CONTERN


(+352) 26 20 39 64

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C’était il y a un an et demi. Excellium Services intégrait le groupe Thales. Depuis lors, la structure, tout en disposant d’une grande autonomie, bénéficie de moyens supplémentaires pour accélérer sa croissance sur le marché local et à l’international. Cette évolution offre aussi des perspectives nouvelles à une équipe qui, au travers de son organisation, sert de modèle à d’autres entités du groupe à l’étranger. Xavier Vincens évoque avec la nouvelle dynamique en place.


DDoS attacks can cause unplanned downtime, erode customer trust, and lead to financial losses. Dedicated DDoS protection from Excellium Services and F5 Distributed Cloud Services can effectively stop L3-L4 volumetric and targeted L7 attacks, reduce exposure to malicious traffic, increase operational efficiency, and protect resources with confidence.


External Attack Surface Management (EASM) is an essential cybersecurity approach that organizations today must adopt to gain an attackers view of their external digital footprint. EASM involves continuously identifying, prioritizing, monitoring, and managing an organization’s digital attack surface exposed on the internet, including servers, applications, and other resources accessible from outside the organization’s internal network. To better understand EASM, we spoke with an expert in this field and asked him a few questions.

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