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DDoS attacks can cause unplanned downtime, erode customer trust, and lead to financial losses. Dedicated DDoS protection from Excellium Services and F5 Distributed Cloud Services can effectively stop L3-L4 volumetric and targeted L7 attacks, reduce exposure to malicious traffic, increase operational efficiency, and protect resources with confidence.

March 15, 2024

Modern cyber threats are increasing in sophistication and targeting online services. Businesses need to implement dedicated DDoS protection to mitigate these threats and protect their operations, customer trust, and bottom-line revenue. DDoS attacks can cause unplanned downtime, erode customer trust, and lead to financial losses. Dedicated DDoS protection from Excellium Services and F5 Distributed Cloud Services can effectively stop L3-L4 volumetric and targeted L7 attacks, reduce exposure to malicious traffic, increase operational efficiency, and protect resources with confidence.

Modern DDoS Protection: Preserve Trust and Bottom-Lines

Modern cyber threats are designed to disrupt operations, steal data, or exploit businesses for monetary or personal gain. As businesses transition to the cloud, new and existing web-based services need proper protection from sophisticated and targeted attempts, such as Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. By overwhelming websites, servers, or networks with excessive traffic, DDoS attacks target critical business services making them inaccessible to legitimate users. Without dedicated DDoS protection, organizations cannot ensure continuous availability of their online services, impacting operations, customer perceptions, and bottom-line revenues.

The Need for Dedicated Protection 

DDoS attacks happen at scale. By overloading business infrastructure with a high volume of traffic, they saturate network links, consume server resources, and make the targeted services slow or inaccessible. To defend businesses from these threats, many organizations solely rely on the capabilities of their Internet Service Providers (ISPs). However, they only deliver a baseline of protection and are not sufficient in withstanding large-scale and sophisticated attacks. Without purpose-built protection in place, organizations are left exposed and vulnerable to DDoS-based attacks:

  • Unplanned Downtime: Day-to-day operations are critical to the success and sustainability of your organization. By bringing them to a halt, DDoS attacks prevent the ability to service customers or the business, at large. Furthermore, restoring access to services and operations after an attack is labor-intensive, tedious, and can incur significant costs. It consumes security and IT team bandwidth and can serve as a diversion tactic for bad actors to execute other exploits (such as data breaches).
  • Customer Trust: As consumers, we rely on online services now more than ever. It’s how we discover, consume, and transact on products and services. Inconsistent access or prolonged outages not only interfere with how customers interact with your brand but also erode trust and confidence. While service unavailability is inconvenient and frustrating, it signals a much larger risk—that your business may be incapable of protecting itself, leaving critical Personal Identifiable Information (PII) and customer likeness in harm’s way.
  • Financial Loss:Today’s businesses rely heavily on their digital presence to generate revenue. Whether engaging with potential buyers or delivering services to existing customers, online services are a critical mechanism for driving business revenue. By disrupting transactions and preventing customers from accessing services, DDoS attacks severely impact an organization’s ability to generate revenue and can financially damage bottom-lines now and in the future.

Minimizing DDoS Attacks with Confidence

As sophisticated denial-of-service attacks rise, organizations need the proper tools to mitigate threats. This requires DDoS protection to be a key component of ongoing security postures. And while firewalls and intrusion detection systems are an irreplaceable element of cybersecurity strategies, only dedicated DDoS protection can combat the scale and sophistication of modern attacks. Unlike the baseline coverage offered by ISPs, Excellium Services and F5 Distributed Cloud Services shield your critical infrastructure with robust capabilities that minimize advanced threats, keep operations running, and deliver highly performant online services your businesses and customers can trust:

  • Secure network and applications: Stop L3-L4 volumetric and targeted L7 attacks before they impact networks and applications.
  • Reduce exposure: Mitigate unwanted/malicious traffic, strain on critical infrastructure, and bandwidth consumption/infrastructure costs.
  • Increase operational efficiency: Identify sophisticated threats in real-time to accelerate response and preserve operations.
  • Protect resources with confidence: Eliminate security gaps and overreliance reliance on inadequate ISP tooling.

Why Excellium Services and F5

Excellium Services is a cybersecurity pure-play company established in 2012. Located in Belgium and Luxembourg, Excellium Services supports multiple industry sectors (spanning financial, transport, industry, public sector, and more), employs more than 200 people, and acts exclusively in the cybersecurity space. For Luxembourg specifically, Excellium Services also holds PSF accreditation, observing CSSF regulations in support of banking and financial institutions.

With deep experience and expertise, Excellium Services enables customers to make the right decisions in developing, implementing, and managing their cybersecurity. With capabilities distributed across various domains, we cover all areas and aspects of cybersecurity: from Governance to Implementation, Operations, and Controls. Our managed service offerings also enable businesses to improve security postures, detect and react to sophisticated threats sooner, and rapidly innovate to meet the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow.

As an F5 partner for over a decade, Excellium Services holds a proven track record of implementing and extending F5’s industry-leading solutions, including F5 Distributed Cloud Services. With F5 Distributed Cloud Services businesses of every size get SaaS-based security, networking, and application management services that enable customers to deploy, secure, and operate their applications in a cloud-native environment wherever needed–data center, multi-cloud, or the network or enterprise edge.

Don’t leave protection against DDoS attacks to chance!

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Key Points:

  • DDoS attacks are a serious threat to businesses.
  • Dedicated DDoS protection is essential for mitigating these attacks.
  • Excellium Services and F5 Distributed Cloud Services offer robust DDoS protection solutions.
  • DDoS protection can help businesses minimize downtime, protect customer trust, and save money.


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