q-leap is very pleased to introduce you to the newest additions to its team!

Over the past months, q-leap team has grown in strength, due to incredible new talent. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest members of its team.

April 14, 2017

Over the past months, q-leap team has grown in strength, due to incredible new talent. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest members of its team.


Kamal Dendani, Project Manager

New Project Manager Kamal Dendani!

He has been working in the field of business analysis and  project management for 17 years. His competencies range from Finance, Accounting, CRM, ERP, to Marketing. He has been widely trained and acquired an immense expertise in various IT tools.  He has a broad experience in business requirements, performing gap analysis among as-in and to-be situations, proposing solutions, and supporting decision-makers to assess different options. These are all essential skills for its software quality assurance team.


François Rogler, Technical Architect

New Technical Architect François Rogler!

François has deep technical and architecture knowledge, due to his perfectionistic work ethic. He will not settle for ‘OK’, he always goes to the very bottom of it, regarding the software or the problem at hand. He strives to give the best result he can, and always gives a 100% effort. In team environments, he is invaluable as both a hard worker, and a great out-of-the-box thinker. Due to these characteristics, he always strives to create the best result possible, and is not afraid to think unconventionally for this to be accomplished. He is an expert with using Talend, which is a software vendor specializing in Big Data Integration. Particularly in Integration, ESB, MDM

New Test Automation Expert Jorge Asensio!


Jorge Asensio, Test Automation Expert

Jorge will be working closely within the company to help to evaluate and improve existing automation frameworks, design, execute and maintain automated test scripts to ensure quality control standards are achieved. He is a strong team player, great communication skills with customers, and full dedication in his career to testing, with great focus on automation, functionality, and performance. He also is an expert with Selenium Browser Automation, a framework to automate online applications, which is browser-operated.

“I’m very happy to welcome someone with such variety of exposure to test automation frameworks and domains over the last years. Jorge is always on the pursuit of perfection when it’s about testing. This assures our customers to have the best solution for each specific context he can be confronted with” Julien Desmulier, Testing & QA Services Manager at q-leap.

New Software Testing Expert Stefan Paposoi!


Stefan Paposoi, Software Testing Expert

His previous work environments were internationally collaborative and constantly changing, where Stefan has learned to be highly adaptive in both teamwork and individual skills. He obtained the insight to recognize which information is valuable, and where to look for it. He is able to learn intrinsic information about projects and systems very fast and effectively.

“Stefan’s previous experiences managing tests, by combining manual and automated aspects, allows him leading test projects from the early phases until the latest test activities. This is a great added value for our customers. That’s why I’m very pleased to welcome him today and to join our team of test specialists.” Julien Desmulier, Testing & QA Services Manager at q-leap

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Founded in 2012 and based in Luxembourg City, q-leap is a consulting company with deep expertise in software quality. With over 40 experts in software engineering, testing and quality assurance, architecture, business analysis, IT integrating and project management, q-leap offers a pragmatic approach, focused on the implementation of application lifecycle management processes that enable IT teams to concentrate on their application delivery. We are present in a number of industry sectors : Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, ICT / Telecoms & High Technologies, Industries & Services, Public Sector & Institutions, Transportation.

q-leap delivers and develops consultancy, audit, expertise, training and coaching to help organizations move their business forward with confidence. As well as extensive industry experience,its consultants possess industry recognised certifications such as ISTQB, Scrum, Prince 2, IQBBA… These standards are worldwide recognized to help organizations to deliver better quality solutions and quality management to the business.


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