Independence and care throughout

Expertise in an expanding range of specialisations has never been more in demand, with the need for effective strategies being particularly important. Meanwhile demand for the necessary skills has never been greater. Exigo has been bridging this gap in Luxembourg for nearly 15 years. We spoke to Daniel Szyller the firm’s senior sales manager about his and Exigo’s ambitions.

July 14, 2021

With a service offering including business services (ranging from corporate strategy, process management, and implementation), IT services (including governance, cybersecurity, and strategy), plus recruitment and sourcing, Exigo covers a lot of ground. “Our service offering is based around neutrality and expertise,” said Mr Szyller, noting that the firm was founded by ex-partners of big four companies. “We are a pure consultancy: we have partnerships, but we are neutral and are not a vendor of software or other third-party products,” he added.

Personalised from the top

“Offering service that is tailor made is our focus. We want to go further and offer services that are personalised, and this commitment comes from the top,” Mr Szyller said. Hence senior staff will talk directly with clients from the beginning to ensure that the relationship gets off in the right direction. Exigo has 20 consultants. “We work hard to ensure that clients feel they are not just one of a chain, but that each is important,” Mr Szyller noted. These are services that are relevant for a range of sectors, with Exigo working with everyone from financial sector players to health care providers, and public administrations.

For example, they offer “CIO Office” IT professional services. “Often managers want to focus on the operational side of the business, because that is often what they know best, but there can be a barrier between sales or operations and IT,” he said. This is where Exigo steps in to establish processes within an organisation and works with staff to bring these processes to life. Similar strategy, management, project management and governance services are offered for a range of activities across businesses.

They can also offer services for GDPR assessment and compliance. Data protection officer (DPO) as a service capability is as well a current focus. “Particularly small companies might not have the expertise in house and these skills are hard to come by on the jobs market,” explained Mr Szyller, adding “so we can allocate a person to become a DPO working a few days a week, with the assurance that they are 100% professional with an experienced track record.” This is all fully compliant with local and international regulatory requirements.

Full-service offering

This full-service offering extends to other areas too. For example, they take in charge the management of cloud services, datacenters and related databases for start-ups and SME’s. This extends into business continuity plans. “This is the type of service in a box which enables businesses, especially smaller businesses to become operational right away,” Mr Szyller noted. “We can just come in and just manage the whole process from scratch, and this is particularly valuable for start-ups which may not have developed these capabilities.” They can also provide advice in areas such as answering tenders. “We oversee the process, contributing advice, and generally using our experience to help clients add value in this process,”

It is a formula that is working well. “The company is extremely busy, with many projects lined up this year so that we are growing our teams,” he said. As well, he notes that Exigo has “several interesting new projects coming up later in relation to governance such as IT governance and related to CEO office work. These are exciting times.”

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