CIOFEST – Thank you !

On 22 March CIONET hosted the international conference #CIOFEST "The Quest for Digital Sovereignty", on local and international levels.

March 28, 2023

On 22 March we hosted the international conference #CIOFEST. We’d like to thank everyone who attended, on local and international levels. From Hans J Roth of Red Hat and Hendrik Deckers of CIONET (who kicked off the topic) to our audience members who asked questions in the end— you all contributed to the success of the event and made it a lively memorable experience.

Many thanks to TNO, who hosted us on the floor in the Hague for an exceptionally on the spot introduction to the event. The international discussion moderated by Daniel Eycken addressed top concerns for digital leaders: from European cloud to regulatory moves on Digital Sovereignty.

In the second part, the focus turned to local events in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, France, and Spain. Thank you for your presence at the events — it was a truly fruitful time!

We direct our thanks also to everyone who participated in the poll. The results showed that there is still a long way to reach Digital Sovereignty. We will share insights from the conference in a series of LinkedIn posts, so stay tuned.

Thanks for making CIOFEST a huge success!


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