Become Senior Consultant, an accomplishment but not the end

Interview with Jean-Claude RUMPF Senior Consultant, Exigo s.a., since 2014. After 7 years as an IT manager, it's an accomplishment : be more close to customer and work with sales' team to realize all projects.

November 20, 2014

Interview with Jean-Claude RUMPF Senior Consultant, Exigo s.a., since 2014. After 7 years as an IT manager, it’s an accomplishment: being closer to customer and working with sales team to realize all projects.

  • Is it an accomplishment to become a Senior Consultant after a 18 years career dedicated to IT, including 7 years as an IT manager?

Yes it is. It allows me to use all the experiences and knowledge acquired during those years to satisfy of our customers and I learn new skills and competences.

  • Now you are less technical, but does it mean that you are closer to your customers?

Being close to the customers has always been my main goal in order to help and understand their needs and requirements. Now being able to merge the technical knowhow with the new role as a consultant makes this combination a perfect match for the costumers.

  • With extensive experience in deployment, what is your vision about the evolution of demand and services?

I think the way to the cloud is the way to go here and it will be the main driver of our industry in the near future.

  • You don’t have a sales background, how do you work all together?

The new aspect is to work together with the sales to make our projects come to life the way we designed them. This is quite a new and interesting challenge.

  • You have a technical background, how do you learn to manage a team?

I was offered the opportunity to lead a team in my previous job and I decided to choose that road. With the help of a strong management team and excellent coaching I was able to add team manager to my skills set.

  • Between databases, the help desk, maintenance, recovery and deployment / implementation, what do you prefer?

The possibility to be able to do them all in mix is what is the most interesting. It keeps you up to date and allows you to get an inside on all the aspects of an infrastructure.

  • You have skills in various areas, is it an advantage for Senior Consultant?

Yes this would go in line with your first question, to consult a customer it is very important to understand them as whole to be able to determine the right way to consult them.


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