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In November 2012, the Awex, l’Agence wallonne à l’exportation et […]

April 9, 2013

In November 2012, the Awex, l’Agence wallonne à l’exportation et aux Investissements étrangers, started to prepare their next big matchmaking event on April 18th in Luxembourg. They faced three crucial problems they share with many event organizers: how can i attract the most people to my event, how can I handle the registrations without losing time on that and, last but not least, where can I find a matchmaking platform that satisfies my needs.

Luckily Anja Heinen, the president of Awex, came across the startup Yappoint who handled that registration and matchmaking for the Luxembourg Gaming 2012 event. It was good timing, as Yappoint was about to create with Yappoint2b.com the first real platform for business events in the greater region.

Since beginning of March, Yappoint2b.com is online as a beta-version and Awex was the first event to be published on the platform. The idea was so catchy that without even advertising the platform, renowned organizers like PwC Accelerator, Fedil, Luxinnovation and others started to publish their events on Yappoint2b.com. So far, more than 50 events in Luxembourg have been already published

So what makes Yappoint2b.com so interesting for event organizers? First it is a directory for business-events. Organizers can have their business events published for free. Visitors have a one stop shop for finding interesting events.

Business events are published for free

Yappoint2b.com is on its way to become the number one resource for business events in the greater region. “We invite all organizers to send us their events for publication”, explains Peter Poehle, CEO of Yappoint. The publication process is simple: all business events can be sent in via events@yappoint2b.com. After validation of the organizer, the event will be published immediately on the platform.

The benefits both for the organizer as for the visitor are obvious: immediate visibility, one platform for many events that truly only focusses on events and a compelling user interface that makes it easy to retrieve exactly the event visitors are looking for.

Matchmaking is an opportunity even for smaller event organizers

And still Yappoint2b.com has more to offer: all those who registered for the Awex-event can make appointments with other attendees. This exclusive service proposed by Yappoint2b.com is the optional appointment and matchmaking module. As soon as a visitor has registered to an event, he/she can consult the profiles of the other attendees and create appointments with them. Yappoint2b platform can even automatically assign the available places for each meeting.

Registration made easy

But thats not all. Awex consigned to Yappoint2b.com also the registration procedure. The idea behind is as simple as compelling: visitors just need to create their profile once on Yappoint2b.com and can then register for all events that allow the registration over Yappoint2b.com. The result is a tremendous saving of time on both sides.

Yappoint2b is the latest project of Yappoint S.A. company, who is run by partners Mr. Peter Pöhle and Mr. Gilles Poulles. Worth to mention that Yappoint S.A. did win the prestigious 123go award in 2011, was sent by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economics for 3 months to the Silicon Valley and is enrolled both in the incubators PwC Accelerator and Technoport.

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