Wordbee wins the « LT-Innovate Award 2013 »

Luxembourg, 15 July 2013 – After winning the “European Seal […]

July 16, 2013

Luxembourg, 15 July 2013 – After winning the “European Seal of e-Excellence – category Gold ” at the CEBIT expo in 2011 , Wordbee has received the “LT-Innovate award” on June 27 2013.  The second edition of the LT-Innovate Summit in Brussels saw 30 key Language Technology industry players compete for the coveted LT-Innovate Award.  The nominees showcased their innovative Language Technology products and services to a jury of experts. The ceremony was hosted under the auspices of Ms. Amelia Andersdotter, Member of the European Parliament.

“We are very proud that Wordbee is the first company in Luxembourg receiving an award in this field of activity, which is of great significance for one of Europe’s most multilingual countries. “It proves also that the product we developed offers a true added value to our users who wish to manage their translation projects within a collaborative working environment”, says Anita Sempels, Sales Manager Europe at Wordbee. The success of the Cloud-based Wordbee solution is mainly due to the combination of the project management capabilities  and the  translation tool which functionalities are directly orientated towards the true needs of its users.

José Vega, CEO at Wordbee, clarifies “Our clients, companies, translation agencies and public bodies, have found the right way to truly accelerate the workflow of documents to be translated while reducing their costs.

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