WESTPOLE and Excellium to market WESTPOLE’s GRCC risk platform together

Both companies’ collaboration turns WESTPOLE’s GRCC platform into a complete digital risk management tool for end users

December 11, 2023

Vilvoorde, Zaventem, Windhof, Contern – 29 November 2023 –

Last September, WESTPOLE Benelux, a provider of IT services and solutions and a specialist in digital transformation, launched its Governance and Risk Compliance Center (GRCC), its in-house developed risk management and compliance platform. WESTPOLE has now reached an agreement with Excellium Services Cyber Solutions by Thales, part of the Thales Group. Excellium is a leading cybersecurity services provider in Luxembourg and an important player in Belgium, providing services within all areas of cyber security. WESTPOLE and Excellium will now market the GRCC platform together. Excellium offers a managed services portfolio on top of the platform itself, to support end users.

Cédric Paint, Country Sales Director Luxembourg at WESTPOLE, explains: ‘We are excited to partner with Excellium to market this innovative and complete platform together, thus accelerating its adoption. I’m convinced that Excellium’s cyber security expertise, combined with the platform’s streamlined and flexible approach, will prove its value in the months and years to come. More EU Regulations on risk management and cyber security are on their way. The GRC SaaS Market is ever evolving. That’s why we so strongly believe in the potential of our partnership. The GRCC platform shows an organisation’s risk maturity, including the lack thereof. Combining this solution with Excellium’s expertise will help expand the risk maturity of all its end users.’


The digital transformation of risk management

Businesses are confronted with an ever growing amount of compliance requirements by national, European and international standards and regulatory bodies, on top of their own quality control requirements and certificates such as ISO certificates.

With GRCC, WESTPOLE Benelux ventured into the innovative digitalisation of risk compliance. GRCC is a fully integrated risk platform, which hugely facilitates risk management. WESTPOLE and Excellium Services will partner up to market the platform together with a full service offering, including:

  • tailor made setup assistance;
  • Integration of Excellium’s information security risk assessment methodology and libraries (threats, vulnerabilities, controls, assets, scenarios);
  • complete risk assessment on behalf of the customer or custom support to their team;
  • training and support;
  • periodic reviews of for instance the libraries integrated into the GRCC.

These services  make WESTPOLE’s GRCC more than a reporting tool. The enhanced platform provides in-depth insights in all aspects of risk management, including which risks need to be addressed, and which are the problem areas (analysing tool).


The next step for risk and governance   

Information security risk management is a key domain for cybersecurity leader Excellium. Therefore, the company was very interested to extend its existing offering with this innovative qualitative risk management platform. More than 25 Excellium consultants specialized in information security governance and risk management, worked on the service offering to enhance the platform, to support organizations better, with a turn-key assistance “Managed Information Security Risk Management”.

Johann Alessandroni, Information Security Governance Team Leader for Excellium, emphasizes: ‘GRCC has been chosen after an in-depth study of the market. We have worked closely with the WESTPOLE and LIST teams on leveraging GRCC, based on our experience with the concrete needs of our customers and the market. We are convinced that the ergonomics and methodological agility of the platform, as well as its ability to address the complete life cycle of information security risk management, represents an added value, both for our teams and our customers.


For additional information : Excellium Services – Your first call for cybersecurity and privacy

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