Verizon Business makes data back-up and restoration easy with de-duplication

Web servers reboot unexpectedly and personal computers crash, often resulting […]

April 29, 2009

Web servers reboot unexpectedly and personal computers crash, often resulting in lost data and frustrated employees and information technology administrators. Verizon Business is addressing this critical issue through the global launch of Verizon Remote Backup and Restore, an expanded suite of managed services that overcome the limitations of traditional remote data protection services by performing automatic data backup and restore functions for servers and PCs – without overburdening corporate networks.

“Large businesses and government agencies rely on the availability of information, and its loss can have a profound impact, including lower employee productivity and delayed customer service intervals, as well as brand and financial implications,” said Nancy Gofus, senior vice president – global business products, Verizon. “Our newly expanded suite of remote backup and restore services delivers cost-effective solutions that ease the burden on IT departments by providing an automated means of storing and accessing critical data and offering an important business-continuity tool.”

Using de-duplication, Verizon’s new offering employs “variable block size” analysis, a specialized feature that automatically identifies new data for storage and greatly reduces the amount of data transmitted daily. This eliminates the backup of redundant data, reducing network bandwidth and storage capacity requirements for enterprises. Unlike many other backup and restore services that can tax a network and slow delivery of mission-critical applications, Verizon Remote Backup and Restore operates in the background at a low priority.

COOP Systems, a leading provider of business continuity software for global enterprises, uses Verizon Remote Backup and Restore to protect the company’s mission-critical data and provide strong business-continuity measures.

“COOP Systems has clients around the world who expect us to have high levels of data protection and availability,” said Chris Alvord, CEO, COOP Systems. “For more than two years, we have successfully used Verizon Remote Backup and Restore for our servers to provide daily backups of our production site data to a geographically diverse Verizon Business data center. We test the service regularly and it performs flawlessly.”

Made up of two distinct offerings, the new software-as-a-service (SaaS)-enabled capabilities consist of hosted, secure backup and restore solutions for both PCs and servers. Verizon Remote Backup and Restore – PC is now available in the U.S. and Europe, and will be available in the Asia-Pacific region later this year. This offering joins the Verizon Remote Backup and Restore – Server service, which has been available in the U.S. since 2006 and is now available to enterprise customers in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

D. Blair Crump, group president – worldwide sales, Verizon Business, said, “Our large-business and government customers around the globe are searching for ways to manage their operations in a challenging economic environment. Verizon Remote Backup and Restore services offer a cost-effective means of maintaining the integrity and availability of critical business information, while lowering the demands placed on internal IT personnel.”

With Verizon Remote Backup and Restore services, customers don’t have to worry about their data: It is safe, secure and readily accessible. All data is stored at one of several Verizon Business data centers around the globe that feature 24 x 7 security protection, redundant and uninterruptable power supplies, as well as built-in fire suppression and environmental controls to help maintain data availability. “Hot backups,” or replication of an enterprise’s stored data, are also offered.

Verizon Remote Backup and Restore operates via a software agent that is easily downloaded to PCs and servers and supports a wide range of commonly used computing platforms. Businesses can use any existing Internet protocol connection to transmit their data to and from the Verizon data centers, eliminating the need to deploy new infrastructure.

Businesses control the backup and restore services through a centralized Web-based portal that is used by an enterprise’s IT administrators and end users. The portal offers IT administrators the ability to set up specific backup schedules and data-retention guidelines. Individual users can securely restore lost data – helping to reduce the need for internal IT resources to handle this function.

Pricing is usage-based, so that enterprises pay for the amount of data stored, making this a cost-effective solution.

Verizon Business offers e-mail, anti-virus, server monitoring and conferencing applications, as well as wide-area network reporting tools, via a SaaS delivery model. The company’s SaaS focus is part of a long-term strategy to offer customers flexibility and choice when purchasing IT solutions. These SaaS capabilities leverage Verizon Business’ expansive data center footprint spanning 22 countries and one of the most expansive global IP networks, setting the stage for additional SaaS deployments.

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