The Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2023 are now open for application!

Luxembourg’s Cloud Association is looking for the most inspiring and innovation Cloud Project and start-up of the Year!

January 24, 2023

Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg, in partnership with ITnation, is pleased to invite all companies established in Luxembourg and active in the Cloud ecosystem to participate in the “Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2023”.

The “Luxembourg Cloud Awards” competition is the main platform for companies operating in the Cloud Computing area, providing them better visibility and reputation in Luxembourg.

Always in the search of giving the more echo of the Cloud ecosystem, the Luxembourg Cloud Awards aim to reward the creativity, originality and flexibility of service offerings, the methods of transformation and migration to the cloud but also the overall quality and completeness of the applications.

Cloud Service Providers, Cloud Consultants, Cloud start-ups as well as Cloud Customers and Innovators of all sectors are invited to apply with their convincing Cloud services.

Subject of this competition are Cloud Services on the Luxembourg market, whatever their specific shape is. Applications are welcome for IaaS-, PaaS- or SaaS-services either for horizontal or vertical markets, either in public, private or hybrid cloud environments, either from established Cloud providers, end-clients or from start-ups. Cloud Customers are also invited to apply, who successfully introduced cloud services to their company and who achieved a most positive business impact enabled by the cloud services introduced.

For the 2023 edition, two prizes will be awarded for the following categories:

  • Cloud Innovation Project of the Year
  • Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year

The award ceremony will take place on Wednesday, June 21st 2023, during the “Golden-i” gala at the Crystal Park Building, PwC, in Gasperich.

The winner will be nominated by an independent jury composed of experts from different area: Cloud Computing, Digital, start-up.

Further details on the application procedure and the application forms are now available on CCEL website.


The deadline for submitting your application is Friday March 3rd 2023.


The Luxembourg Cloud Awards 2023 category details:

  • Cloud Innovation Project of the year

The Cloud Innovation Project award aims to celebrate excellence and innovation in the scope of cloud-based “solutions-as-a-service”. Organizations of any size, any vertical may enter.

The recognition will be given to a project where Cloud solutions are transforming the agility of the business. The achievements may be relative to cost structure optimisation of the technology investment, the agility and the flexibility in scale and/or in time to go in production with an IT project or the complexity solved and the maturity gained in best practices including availability and security. The Cloud Innovation Project will definitively go to a realization that creates value and makes impact.

A further focus is given by the Go to Market Realization and the provided functionality offered through cloud resources. Of course, the provided services need to comply with the requirements regarding data security and data privacy in relation to customers data sensitivity and compliance.

  • Cloud Tech Innovator of the Year

The Cloud Tech Innovator award aims to emphasis the creativity of new product or solution created thanks to the power of Cloud resources (could they are IaaS, PaaS, SaaS or hybrid). The competition is open for Cloud native start-ups (aged less than 5 years) in two contexts: Cloud consumer that turns the Cloud resources in an innovative product or solution (in this case, the start-up solution is a business solution 100% Cloud-based: i.e. Cloud Fintech, Regtech, Spacetech, Biotech, etc.) or Technology start-up that offer new advanced Cloud features (in this case, the start-Up offers Cloud component : i.e. Cybersecurity feature, Cloud migration tools, Advanced Cloud options (resilience, connectivity, devops tools, etc.).

A particular focus is given to the originality and creativity of the solution. The prize is also open to concepts, test labs, or initiatives, etc. not yet in production.

As a start-up, you will benefit from the following rewards:

  • Develop your network,
  • Pitch your product or solution before jury during an elevator pitching session,
  • Boost your visibility by benefiting from articles both in ITnation magazine and in FEDIL echo magazine and social networks campaign,
  • Benefit from 2 half days of mentoring/coaching with cloud experts from consulting company,
  • Join the jury the year after winning the award.



Contact :

Céline Tarraube
Secretary General, Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg
E-mail : celine.tarraube@fedil.lu

About Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg:

Created in 2009, Cloud Community Europe – Luxembourg acts as a coordination platform to position
Luxembourg as a leader in the field of “Cloud computing” and “Software as a Service” applications and similar
technologies as well as to contribute to the development of the cloud computing business in Luxembourg by
creating an exchange platform, a « Cloud ecosystem », for cloud service providers. To achieve its missions, the
association promotes and encourages the uptake of cloud services and applications on a national and
international level by sharing best practices. The association also participates in the development of a legal
framework for cloud computing on a national and European level and supports cloud computing companies
thanks to the presence of major cloud experts. In its mission, the association benefits from the support of FEDIL
– The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry. It also belongs to the European network Cloud Community Europe.

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