The Bank Insurance Group Argenta chooses Soliam of BSB to manage its financial assets

In order to harmonize its current IT systems and to […]

October 16, 2009

In order to harmonize its current IT systems and to maximize its operational efficiency, the Bank Insurance Group Argenta has chosen the BSB Soliam software to manage its financial assets. Soliam will be used at group level (bank and insurance) for the management of the group’s equity capital and at insurance level for the management of the unit-linked insurance products (in Belgium also known as Branch 23).

The back and front office of Soliam will replace the different in-house applications currently used by Argenta. The financial assets that Argenta is going to manage within Soliam are mainly shares, bonds, structured products and derivatives.

The project started end of July 2009. Its goal is to allow the Argenta teams to use Soliam on a day-to-day basis starting as off November 2009.

Argenta is a Bank Insurance Group active in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Its services and products are aimed for households and secondarily for self-employed workers, but not at companies. Its core activity consists in offering saving and investment products, mortgages and insurances. The group’s headquarter is located in Antwerp, Belgium. Argenta has a wide network of mainly independent agencies with whom the company intends to build a life-time relationship.

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