Syncordis partners with EFS Technology

Syncordis SA, the Luxembourg-based banking consultancy signed a partnership agreement […]

October 11, 2011

Guillaume DesjonqueresSyncordis SA, the Luxembourg-based banking consultancy signed a partnership agreement with EFS Technology, a global provider of output and document management solutions for international companies and banks. Their collaboration as Temenos partners will cover a large number of European countries.

As a Complementary Solution Partner of Temenos with over 18 years of experience in output and document management and workflow, EFS Technology (Enterprise Form Solutions) will provide AutoFORM LaserNet, the leading suite they have developed.

Syncordis, a Temenos Service Partner, delivering implementation and support services for the Temenos T24 core banking system, will ensure that the EFS Technology solution AutoFORM LaserNet interfaces smoothly.

Together they will offer industry leading banking software with seamlessly integrated solutions for output and document management, enabling new and existing T24 clients to improve customer service and boost efficiency, whilst cutting complexity and costs.

Luc Gesquiere, Syncordis

Mike Rogers, General Manager at EFS Technology, said: “Syncordis is an integrator familiar with both T24 and EFS Technology. I am convinced this partnership will provide ideal conditions to service mutual clients and leverage for both of us cooperation with Temenos. For EFS Technology, in particular, sales potential and delivery capacity within the Banking and Finance sector will be enlarged.

Guillaume Desjonqueres (ci-dessus) and Luc Gesquiere (à gauche), Managing Partners at Syncordis, added: “This partnership with EFS Technology has resulted from both, former cooperation and our relationship with Temenos. And, as joint operations tend to increase efficiency and continuity, it will certainly allow us to further differentiate our service offering.”

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