Supporting the next generation of applications with VMware Cloud Foundation

Many companies struggle with the technical implementation of such a Private Cloud, since in many of these cases the provider tries to address this by adopting key technology trends for each of the components. 

October 16, 2017

IT needs to be agile and flexible in order to cope with the demand coming from the business. It must deliver the right services at the speed of the business requirements.

You might be looking for building a Private Cloud to provide this greater agility and speed in delivery of IT services, as this will enable a stronger alignment with your business counterparts, with the end result that the IT organization is able to cope with the business expectations at a higher quality and by lowering the costs. However, many companies struggle with the technical implementation of such a Private Cloud, since in many of these cases the provider tries to address this by adopting key technology trends for each of the components.

For building the Private Cloud, you need essential Cloud Infrastructure building blocks such as Compute, Network and Storage. However, you cannot spend too much time and resources in providing and maintaining these components, and this is exactly what Cloud Foundation is solving for you – as Cloud Provider, you should invest more time in innovating on top of the Cloud Infrastructure, instead of building and maintaining the components.

By introducing Cloud Foundation as your Cloud Infrastructure, your TCO can be reduced significantly when compared with traditional infrastructure design. Cloud Foundation, the new unified SDDC platform for the Private and Public Cloud, brings together VMware Compute, Network and Storage virtualization into a natively integrated stack that can be deployed on-premise (Built Your Own or as an Integrated System) or as a Cloud service through our Public Cloud partners (AWS/IBM). Cloud Foundation enables organizations to achieve greater business agility and scalability to support the next generation of applications. While public cloud services can be a good fit for many applications, company-owned data centres continue to play a critical role especially for those mission-critical applications that require greater control and security. As a result, organisations are looking to shift to a more agile, service-oriented IT model that leverages both private and public clouds. Cloud Foundation allows CIOs to enable their business to achieve the operational and cost efficiency of web-scale cloud service providers. 

VMware Cloud Foundation provides next to the core features and capabilities provided by the individual components of the VMware software stack, some unique capabilities. A new component called SDDC Manager, is the automation engine especially built for Cloud Foundation, which orchestrates, brings up, configures and adds lifecycle management to Cloud Foundation, and as such provides flexible resource pools specific to workload types which can be scaled up/out as needed.

Dimension Data and VMware are organising a joint event, the Cloud Foundation Roadshow, on 14 November 2017 from 09:00 to 14:00 at Hotel Olivier in Strassen. Have a look at the agenda below and feel free to register.


09:00   Doors opening and breakfast

09:30   Michael Mossal, Digital Transformation Lead, Dimension Data 

Welcome – Transforming the Enterprise: There is no place for boxes in a Digital World

09:45  Stefan Verbist, Senior System Engineer, VMware

Introduction to Cloud Foundation

10:15   Rémi Pierrat, Services Delivery Operations Support Specialist, Dimension Data

NSX, VSAN, VIO and VMware Cloud on AWS: Understand the value

10:45  Ulf Theobald, Manager IT Infrastructure, JOIN Experience

NSX, VSAN and VIO: Customer reference case

11:00   Break

11:30   Bernard Paques, Solutions Architect Cloud Europe, Dimension Data

DevOps, PaaS, Containers, Microservices, Cloud Native Applications on VMware – This is what you should know about it!

12:00   Michael Mossal & Stefan Verbist

Fireside chat

12:30   Drinks

13:00   Lunch

14:00   End

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