Société Générale deploys Internet mobile strategy with Atos Origin support

Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin expertise in Hi-Tech […]

June 30, 2010

Atos Worldline, which brings together Atos Origin expertise in Hi-Tech transactional services, has been selected by Société Générale to develop and host new mobile services allowing it to offer its customers the most comprehensive mobile banking application on the market. Launched this month on iPhone and iPod Touch, the “Appli” will also be adapted for other platforms. This intuitive and practical application allows Société Générale to strengthen relations with its customers while also meeting their need for mobility.

Atos Worldline has been supporting Société Générale for the last 20 years in its implementation of innovative projects and a multi-channel strategy. Today, Atos Worldline is developing a complete mobile application for Société Générale which has eight functions including account checking, stock market access, geolocation of branches and budget management.

“We chose Atos Worldline because of its understanding of our market, the security issues we face and its expertise in mobile onboard solutions. Atos Worldline was able to meet our requirements in terms of ergonomics, ease of use, and could offer us an innovative solution adaptable to several different terminals,” explained Olivier Chédeville, Remote Banking director at Société Générale.

“Société Générale has once again put its trust in us and we’re very happy about this. Atos Worldline, through its experience of the mobile ecosystem, provides an end-to-end support to Société Générale in this innovative project. Our solution allows us to offer a highly comprehensive application incorporating flows and services from different partners into a consistent whole that allows Société Générale to continue pursuing its customer loyalty strategy,” said Pascal Dehaussy, Director Banking, Finance & Insurance at Atos Worldline.

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