Joli succès pour les Data Days!

At the end of the Data Days, an event organized by Logos ITS in Luxembourg throughout the month of November, we had the opportunity to discuss with the IDETECT editors and SnT researchers on issues related to the development and to data analysis.

December 12, 2017

At the end of the Data Days, an event organized by Logos ITS in Luxembourg throughout the month of November, we had the opportunity to discuss with the IDETECT editors and SnT researchers on issues related to the development and to data analysis. But also on the efforts made to develop, from Luxembourg, a leading solution in the fight against fraud and money laundering.

Was your event, Data Days, a success?
Mrs. Alice Henquinet (LOGOS Talent Search Officer): We were delighted to welcome such a great diversity of people and be able to discuss with visitors, data experts, risk managers coming from the Big four, customers, prospects and some IT staff. Everybody was very curious and interested in discussing about our know-how during this event.

Why did your company choose to open its doors to those interested in developing data-based innovation ?
Mr. François Gourdon, (LOGOS CEO): LOGOS ITS finances SnT Research work. And our Data Days event was the culmination of years of investment and the opportunity for us to share our experience and present results. Having a culture of innovation and engagement is not sufficient without targets. And it is important for the market and our customers to show concrete outcomes when we talk about suspicious financial activities in the context of distributed ledgers.
Mr. Cédric Iggiotti (LOGOS Chief Analytics Officer): During these Data Days, I had the opportunity to present operational issues of detecting financial frauds: money Laundering thru money remittance and currency exchange using suspicious patterns Rules based and Isolation Forest. That was very interesting to interact with visitors about these topics. I would like to thank all visitors for making this first event a success. Their interest, open discussions and the debates we had, were really rewarding.

During these data days, visitors discovered iDETECT Risk Management platform, a well-known worldwide solution. What are the milestones of its success?
Mr. François Gourdon : Most of the visitors forgot that it is a 100% Luxemburgish technology known well beyond the borders. Reliable and robust using the very latest technologies of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, the platform is deployed and operational for our customers in the financial sector. If, we are able to demonstrate these results today from what was only a project eight years ago, it was only made possible with the support of the Ministry of the Economy and Luxinnovation from the very first step.

Why was it important for SnT to contribute to this event?
Dr. Radu State (Head of SEDAN Research Team – SnT): During Data Days, the Augmented Reality (AR) demonstration for a case applied to a fraud model was met with a huge success. LOGOS initiative was a real opportunity for us to demonstrate the strong relationships between the University of Luxembourg and the industrial sector. We are proud that applied researches find a positive echo in the financial sector. Work done with LOGOS on ‘Finding Suspicious Activities in Financial Transactions and Distributed Ledgers’ is a major success”

After the success of this event, do you plan to organize a second edition?
Mr. François Gourdon: This was the first but definitely not the last edition of the Data Days. We are already thinking about a shorter event format, on a regular monthly basis, a kind of workshop, covering one case per meeting and open to Compliance Officers and Risks Managers. Thank you to all who visited us and who were interested by our technologies and experience.

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