P&TLuxembourg has selected HP Networking

P&TLuxembourg, now “POST Luxembourg“, has selected HP Networking to ensure the […]

June 18, 2013

P&TLuxembourg, now “POST Luxembourg“, has selected HP Networking to ensure the availability of new services such as mobile payments for its customers.

P&T is Luxembourg’s leading mail, internet and telecommunications services operator. With almost 4,000 staff, the P&T Group is the fifth largest employer in the country. From more than 100 post offices and sales outlets, P&T also offers a wide range of postal financial services, in particular its CCP Connect e-banking solution. P&T has started to install mobile payment systems in its post offices, which can be easily accessed with smartphones.

“To enable our customers to access new services, we needed to re-think our entire network,” says Mohamed Ourdane, ICT Manager, P&T. “The HP solution radically simplifies the network with a very flat topology, making it easier to manage and significantly lowering our IT costs. HP’s clear vision enabled us to define a network that will adapt to meet changing market demands, providing us with an open, flexible, secure and resilient platform for future growth.”

Based on powerful multi-layer 10Gb HP 12500 Switch Series with HP’s innovative Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology, the HP FlexNetwork architecture supports P&T’s business-critical applications. HP IRF consolidates multiple switches into virtualised communities, boosting reliability by reducing network complexity. These multi-service routing switches provide rapid failover for full disaster recovery as well as 100GB capability to manage future growth.

HP 5800 Series Switches deliver the bandwidth necessary for secure, high-speed communications throughout the organisation by automatically assigning VLANs (virtual local area networks) to free bandwidth for high-speed video and voice traffic as well as data.

The network is centrally managed with HP Intelligent Management Centre (IMC) software, enabling P&T’s network team to see the whole network, manage it from a single console, and deliver maximum performance and availability across the organisation.

“Large organisations like P&T need to handle complex logistical problems to keep their customers happy,” says Gunther Van Audenhove, country manager, HP Networking, Belgium/Luxembourg. “HP Networking delivers fully unified, open standards-based solutions that enable customers to securely deploy and centrally orchestrate video and mobile-optimised architectures that scale from the data center to the network edge.”

Gunther Van AudenHove, country manager HP Networking Belgium/Luxembourg

Gunther Van AudenHove, country manager HP Networking Belgium/Luxembourg
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