Presentation of the new Standards Analysis for the Aerospace Sector during the workshop « Technical Standardization in Space and Cybersecurity »

Presentation of the new Standards Analysis for the Aerospace Sector during the workshop « Technical Standardization in Space and Cybersecurity »

June 30, 2023

Identified as a “growth” sector » by the Luxembourg Standardization Strategy 2020-2030, aerospace is a key area for the national economy. Over the past decade, this sector has undergone a shift towards more efficient and less costly development methodologies, resulting in new challenges in terms of cybersecurity. In order to support the Luxembourgish space ecosystem with this new challenge, ILNAS organized a workshop « Technical Standardization in Space and Cybersecurity » on Tuesday, June 27th, 2023.

Historically, Luxembourg has been a pioneer in space activities development with the creation of SES (Société Européenne des Satellites) in 1985, and more recently, with the establishment of the Luxembourg Space Agency (LSA) in 2018, which aims to develop at national level the economic facet of this domain. Published in December 2022, the Space Strategy 2023-2027, defined by the LSA, sets sustainability as the main direction to follow for these developments, which include secure connectivity.
Cybersecurity has been gaining interest over the last years, and is a key element to reach these specific objectives, but is also crucial for standard satellite systems. Indeed, vulnerability exploits can lead to dramatic consequences, such as loss of a satellite’s control, or even a modification of its attitude for the purpose of creating intentional collisions, or a breakdown of services which are critical to human activities, such as navigation systems.

In order to raise awareness of the Luxembourg space ecosystem, ILNAS organized a workshop « Technical Standardization in Space and Cybersecurity » at the Maison de la Biomédecine II, on June 27th, 2023. Consisting of two successive sessions, this event was introduced by Dr. Jean-Philippe Humbert, Deputy Director of ILNAS, who presented the institute, its activities, and also the strategical developments in terms of technical standardization. Then, Mr. François Thill, Cyber Security Director at the Ministry of the Economy, gave a holistic view of cybersecurity challenges, and encouraged space actors in Luxembourg to build on known standards and lessons learned. To conclude this general introduction, M. Jérôme Hoerold, Head of Department of the Organisme Luxembourgeois de Normalisation (ILNAS/OLN), detailed the Policy on Aerospace Technical Standardization (2021-2025).

The first session, aimed at giving the European context to the event’s topic, was opened with a speech from the European Space Agency (ESA). In order to provide a global overview of the subject, M. John Irving, Security Engineering Manager at ESA, showcased a history of cyberattacks, the different possible threats and risks, and concluded by presenting the landscape of standards and available tools which can be used by the space domain.

Following this presentation, M. Marco Marcovina, member of ETSI/TC SES Satellite Earth Stations and Systems, highlighted the cybersecurity issues related to non-geostationary orbit satellites and the lack of normative and legal frameworks in this area.

The second session of this workshop focused on the national context. Dr. Lucas Cicero presented the new version of the Standards Analysis for the Aerospace Sector.

This new version of the Aerospace Standards Analysis, which focuses solely on the space sector (excluding aeronautics), presents the main European and international technical standardization committees that may be of interest to national space experts. They are spread out across the following five categories :
  • Solely dedicated to the space sector, with a wide range of applications ;
  • Telecommunications ;
  • Earth Observation ;
  • Technical areas ;
  • Systems Engineering, Quality, Safety and Management Processes
Finally, the cybersecurity topic was addressed during a round table, where the points-of-view of the LSA (M. Charles Koener, Policy Officer), the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (M. Pascal Steichen, CEO), the national standardization commission NSC 01 (Dr. Carlo Harpes, Vice-president) and the University of Luxembourg (Dr. Grégoire Danoy, Deputy-Head of the Parallel Computing and Optimisation Group (PCOG) and Ms Maria Hartmann, PhD student) were expressed. In particular, the different contributors noted the lack of space-sector representation within the different technical committees related to cybersecurity, while also emphasizing the need to empower the Luxembourg ecosystem’s contribution to technical standardization in the space domain.

Within the framework of the Luxembourg Aerospace Technical Standardization Policy 2021-2025, ILNAS are at the disposal of the national actors of the sector to accompany them in their standardization developments.

For any question or request related to aerospace standardization, you can send an e-mail to the following address: normalisation@ilnas.etat.lu.

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