#NextGenBranch: the solution to branch closures

Everyday life and habits of the entire world population are constantly evolving in an increasingly digital and technologically advanced environment. Even the banking world is not escaping these changes and is going through a period of intense evolutions, aimed at responding to the new customers’ needs.

August 23, 2021

We are likely to see more and more banks shuttering their branches because of the reduction in customers using legacy banking channels, cost pressures, reduces footfall, as well as the emergence of digital only challengers.

Closing down bank branches is considered a way to cut costs and increase efficiencies but, in fact, it damages customer loyalty and business reputation.

What is the solution to answer the new challenges and to reconcile the needs of banks with the new customer requirements?

It is now necessary to design and create new branch models that are lean and agile with increased automation and intelligence: a branch that is not only remote, but also, and above all, evolved.

At Auriga we respond to these needs with our #NextGenBranch proposal: digital, remote, lean and customer-oriented.

By leveraging assisted self-service and new technologies such as video banking, AI and automation, Auriga’s #NextGenBranch is aimed to deliver 24/7 access to banking services and increase the efficiency processes.

With our WWS solutions Bank4Me and Fill4me – two of the modules of the #NextGenBranch offering – we propose an innovative model of a branch that is always operational but never dehumanised.
This way customers are remotely assisted to complete banking operations without the need for face-to-face contact. This technology allows customer-facing employees to be able to focus on more complex activities that require the added value of human interaction, as well as extra time to train themselves in new skills, with positive effects on customer experience. It can also reduce branch management costs, maintain access to financial services and generate new revenue streams by customising modern ATMs with add-on services

Watch our video to discover more about the #NextGenBranch by Auriga.

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