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Aqua Global Solutions a provider in banking software has undergone […]

May 14, 2013

Aqua Global Solutions a provider in banking software has undergone a brand review and today unveiled a new logo and website to support its evolution into a global solutions provider for financial messaging.

The new website provides detailed information about our e2gen messaging suite, as well as a comprehensive overview of Aqua Global’ s business modules, covering funds and securities processing, integration for payments, cash management, treasury, reconciliations & matching.

Aqua Global has a worldwide base of retail and wholesale banks as well as more specialised providers in the Islamic and wealth management community. With 30 years’ experience specialising in Straight Through Processing (STP), Aqua Global takes pride in establishing strong customer relationships whilst improving business efficiency.

Aqua Global’s e2gen suite provides all the capabilities one would expect from a modern financial processing automation solution. e2gen offers the full range of financial message management facilities, such as SWIFT FIN/ XML, SWIFT fileAct, RTGS, local clearing and many more as well as an intelligent message repair service that learns as it goes to ensure much greater accuracy in message submission and hence lower charges whilst improving STP. Providing the ‘middleware layer’ e2gen allows an organisation to seamlessly link internal and or external systems together

The key strengths of e2gen are breadth of functionality, workflow capabilities and business rules, allowing financial institutions to reengineer and simplify their entire Transaction Cycle Processing architecture.

Since its founding in 1983, Aqua Global’s mission has been to create and develop its e2gen message management suite to offer clients value beyond pure automation. Our vision is to be a progressive, innovative, dynamic organisation – a leader in financial solutions. We believe that the high quality of our e2gen product suite and services twinned with the expertise of our consultants is the key to both yours and our continued success.

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