New Managing Partner & Country Leadership Team for PwC Luxembourg

The new Managing Partner and the Country Leadership Team for PwC Luxembourg officially take office as of 1, July, 2023

July 3, 2023

Press Release, Luxembourg, 03.07. 23

It is with great pleasure that PwC Luxembourg announces that François Mousel as Managing Partner along with the recently appointed Luxembourg Country Leadership (CLT) Team officially take office as of 1 July, 2023. This completes the period of transition. At the same time PwC announces the newly appointed industry leaders.


The new CLT as of 1 July 2023 is comprised of:

Starting 27 March, PwC Luxembourg began launching an extensive campaign online so that the market and our networks can get to know the new PwC Luxembourg Country Leadership team. Today marks the end of the campaign, with the presentation of François Mousel as our New Managing Partner.

You can also read the press release issued earlier this year when the team was nominated.

In addition to the CLT members, the following Partners will perform other critical leadership functions:

The list of new industry leaders is as follows:

François Mousel, Managing Partner says, “With the period of transition complete, we are excited and ready to hit the ground running.  My vision can be summed up in two principles: being a clear leader in our core markets as well as a role model and standard setter in Luxembourg. I want PwC Luxembourg to be distinctive and recognised by our clients and other stakeholders as being on the edge of our markets and doing what we do with integrity, courage and the utmost quality. To this end, I have full confidence in our new Country Leadership Team, our new industry leaders, our newly elected partners along with the entire partnership here in Luxembourg. Backed by our amazing team—and we are currently more than 3,300—we can become, even more, the most impactful, trusted, and dynamic partnership in Luxembourg and beyond its borders.”

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