Luxembourg’s voipGATE and Avaya announce cooperation

voipGATE entrered in cooperation with Avaya, which guarantees a complete […]

May 13, 2009

voipGATE entrered in cooperation with Avaya, which guarantees a complete technological and technical compatibility and the best service Avaya, a leading global provider of business communications software, systems and services is partnering with voipGATE, the Luxembourg based voice over IP Operator, to offer an alternative telecommunication solution through voice over IP.

Jorge Marques, COO of voipGATE comments, “Our customers will have a direct benefit from our cooperation with Avaya and the guarantee of excellence. Besides, Avaya’s solutions will be completely reliable with voipGATE, thus increasing the quality and the service of adopting voice over IP as a main communication platform and at the same time considerably reducing communication costs.”

The first product that passed the cross-interoperability tests between both companies is Avaya’s IP Office 500, a highly modular IP communication system designed to meet the needs of home offices, standalone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium enterprises. voipGATE has always positioned itself as a SIP Operator and has developed numerous relationships with main companies in the industry. For the past months, voipGATE has been releasing improved versions of its website, Softphone, and CallBack functionality and has also been accredited Technological partner of the .TEL. This has contributed to recently position voipGATE as a key player within the VoIP and communication industry. Avaya is known as the beating heart of their many companies’ business infrastructure. Avaya has a rich heritage of research and development of market-leading software applications, enterprise telephony and IP technologies, and uses leading industry best practices to map business processes to internal and external communications in a way that allows companies to better interact with their customers.

With Avaya, many companies now have an opportunity to turn what used to be “just a utility” into a networked, unified system that allows their businesses to grow, increase productivity, streamline processes and reduce operational costs. Charif Mouttaki, Territory Account Manager Luxemburg: “Today clients expect a quick return on investment. This can be achieved by SIP-based solutions that generate cost control and flexibility. In addition, quality and security are capital in Voice over IP deployments. The day Voipgate Luxembourg presented their new project we were immediately interested in their approach. Voipgate approached us with a mature, efficient project, which takes into account the specific particularities of the Luxembourg market.”

This cooperation is not exclusive and leaves the door open to more joint projects, cooperationand partnerships in the Telecommunications field. The voice over IP is an alternative and rich way to communicate and by being part of this trend, both companies are showing their strong sense of engagement and innovativeness.

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