Luxembourg ranks 2 out of 159 countries at ITU

Luxembourg for ICT reports thats a new study issued by […]

March 9, 2010

Luxembourg for ICT reports thats a new study issued by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Luxembourg performs again very well: the Grand Duchy is placed second in the ranking including 159 countries. The ITU states that: “Luxembourg moved up four places in the IDI ranking to second place in 2008 – a significant improvement given the short time period (one year) and the already high IDI values of countries at the top of the list.” This mainly is a result of high mobile cellular penetration (147 per cent), mobile broadband penetration (82.6 per cent), and international Internet bandwidth per user (over nine million bit/s/user).

Luxembourg is also doing very well in the area of household ICT access and use. According to the ITU, “Luxembourg ranks in the top ten worldwide for the percentage of both households with a computer and households with Internet access.”

What’s more, Luxembourg also figures among the countries with the lowest relative prices for ICT services.

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