Luxembourg, a major catalyst for AI adoption in Europe

On December 6, Dell Technologies will be hosting a unique event focusing on the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence in Europe, from Luxembourg. Experts from Dell Technologies, NVIDIA and Gcore will invite you to project yourself into the future, to enable you to harness the full potential of artificial intelligence for your development. An exceptional event not to be missed...

November 29, 2023


The socio-economic world is at the dawn of a new revolution, driven by the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence. And Luxembourg is playing a key role in this transformation. The country, explains Pierre Henin, Sales Director Dell Technologies Luxembourg, is home to “one of the most powerful server farms dedicated to AI in Europe. Luxembourg is poised to become a major catalyst in the adoption of AI on its territory”.

Based on this observation, Dell Technologies, whose resources support this server farm, wanted to mark the occasion. On December 6, it will be hosting an exceptional event focusing on the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, and more specifically generative artificial intelligence. For the occasion, Dell Technologies has brought together experts from NVIDIA, a world leader in the field of artificial intelligence, and Gcore, a Luxembourg-based cloud platform dedicated to AI.


Adopting an AI strategy

Today, the challenge is to make leaders aware of the possibilities offered by technology. “While Luxembourg has already initiated a significant adoption of next-generation artificial intelligence (GenAI), the next 12 months promise to be decisive. Organizations need to fine-tune their strategy, while users have already taken their first steps with this technology,” comments Pierre Henin. “The major challenge for today’s leaders lies in implementing this technology in a safe, secure and accelerated way on a large scale”, continues the Dell Technologies executive.

Consumer generative AI has captured the collective imagination but making it operational for the corporate world requires careful planning. To fully grasp this transformation and integrate it at the heart of business models, we need to start by identifying priority use cases and the way to exploit data to achieve a result.


Project yourself into the future

At the heart of this event, Dell Technologies will discuss how, in a rapidly changing landscape, the integration of AI is revolutionizing organizational practices and reshaping the foundations of management. NVIDIA will then share with attendees the latest breakthroughs in generative AI. Everyone will be able to discover the main features and improvements that should accelerate the development and deployment of generative AI in various businesses. Gcore, for its part, will show you how to access world-class performance in natural language processing, build, train and deploy ready-to-use ML and DL models, and manage datasets efficiently.


Understanding GenAI

“Beyond that, a good understanding of GenAI also involves defining your GenAI policies and the strategies deployed to ensure organization-wide adoption, comments Pierre Henin. In this respect, it’s worth recalling the challenges posed by Shadow IT. Shadow AI promises to be an even thornier issue. Every use and interaction with GenAI can potentially lead to data leakage, confidentiality, and bias issues. GenAI is full of promise, but the question of how to achieve it safely remains open.”


Train your own models

Another key issue in activating your transformation based on the possibilities offered by AI concerns the current role of data within your organization, and how GenAI could amplify its value. “We’ve emphasized the need to establish controls, knowing that data is the differentiating factor for AI,” explains Pierre Henin. The value of data depends on several factors, including volume, uniqueness, sensitivity, veracity, velocity and usefulness. It’s worth noting that the value of your data most likely exceeds that of the generic models available. Re-training a model with your own data will give you an undeniable competitive edge.”


Get down to business

During the afternoon, participants will be able to tackle these issues in a very concrete way through a hands-on workshop with NVIDIA. During this workshop, you’ll be able to understand what differentiates chatbots based on generative AI from their predecessors. Everyone will gain a better understanding of where and how to begin their journey into the era of next-generation AI. This interactive workshop will provide practical information and inspire you to explore the limitless possibilities of AI to shape your future.


Dedicated technology solutions

At the start of the dynamic cooperation between Dell Technologies and NVIDIA, you’ll discover the solutions that will support you in this transformation. General generative AI models, potentially encompassing trillions of parameters, require investments that often exceed the financial capabilities of many companies,” comments Pierre Henin. In contrast, domain- or enterprise-specific models, which are smaller and therefore more relevant, can be deployed from a single workstation to a server cluster.”

The “Dell Validated Design” for generative AI, in collaboration with NVIDIA, offers proven infrastructure, software and services dedicated to meeting the specific requirements of AI. With the development of a range of specialized servers, dubbed “Helix”, Dell Technologies is positioning itself as a partner of choice to accompany companies on this path, while continuing to explore new models and configurations.


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