LU-CIX Welcomes Orange!

Orange is becoming the 12th connecting member of LU-CIX, after […]

February 10, 2010

Orange is becoming the 12th connecting member of LU-CIX, after only 2 months of existence of the eXchange point. LU-CIX’s approach of openness and neutrality is comparable to the other major International centers such as AMS-IX (Amsterdam), LINX (London) and DE-CIX (Frankfurt).

Claude Demuth, CEO of LU-CIX explains, “We are glad to welcome a leading company such as Orange as a new connecting member. LU-CIX is a “business enabler” in the sense that we strongly contribute to the development of e-business projects and operate a state-of-the-art technology. This positions us at the same level as the major eXchange points in Europe”. Orange Luxembourg is proud to enter into this new relationship and to be part of Luxembourg’s most important exchange and distribution platform. This will allow us to transfer data more efficiently and in a more appropriate way between carriers and optimize the European footprint for all Orange affiliates. The customer indirect benefits are obvious, bringing faster data transfer, more proximity for both business and consumer market.

LU-CIX is more than an Internet eXchange, it is a distribution platform for new creative Internet services. Thanks to its proximity to other Internet hubs such as Frankfurt, Amsterdam, or London, LU-CIX presents a smart alternative to established Internet eXchange points. On the technological side, LU-CIX operates a state-of-the-art switching platform and customers can be connected by FE, GE and 10GE ports. The services comprise Public Peering, Quality-of- Service Peering, Multicast and Private VLANs at competitive prices. Besides, the LU-CIX platform supports IPv4 and IPv6 and is hosted in two distinct high quality Tier-4 datacenters.

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