Logica builds intelligent cargo system for secure freight transportation in Europe

Logica, the IT and business services company, today announced that […]

August 13, 2008

Logica, the IT and business services company, today announced that it has begun work on the project EURIDICE, an intelligent cargo system that will establish the most advanced information services for freight transportation in Europe. EURIDICE, which stands for European interdisciplinary Research on Intelligent Cargo for Efficient Safe and Environmentally-Friendly logistics, is cofunded by the European Commission and the current phase of the project is scheduled to be completed by 2011.

The EURIDICE system will address the various challenges around the logistics, business and public policy aspects of freight transportation. Once completed, it will enable cargo (from complete shipments to individual items) to interact with its surrounding environment and actively notify its presence and identity requirements. The intelligent cargo item will be an active provider of information services, notifying interested users and systems of its details, position and related events as they occur.

The solution will provide enhanced security to international trade users’ consignments. It harnesses information from a range of track and trace technologies such as RFID, GPRS and satellite positioning to provide information about goods in transit.

EURIDICE is backed by 22 organisations in the IT and freight transport sector. Logica is responsible for the concept, technological solutions and business models to ensure the success of the project.

Cees de Wijs, Group Director Intelligent Transport Systems at Logica, commented: “Logica is proud to be involved in the EURIDICE project. Once completely defined, intelligent cargo will have a significant impact in terms of the deployment and effectiveness of technology support for freight transportation. It will increase the competitiveness of Europe as one of the most important economies in the world. In addition, it will improve the quality of life by streamlining distribution networks around large city areas which helps reducing traffic congestion as well as pollution.”

Outcomes from the EURIDICE project will include a better understanding of, and support for, track and trace activities in multi-modal transportation, as information about the movement of cargo will be available across different modes such as rail, road and sea. It will be of particular benefit to producers and transporters of fresh food as full traceability will be possible across the supply chain.

Commenting on this project, Wolfgang Höfs, EURIDICE’s project officer in the European Commission, said: “EURIDICE addresses important issues in our information and communication technology research programme related to mobility services for goods. Currently inefficient handling of cargo and its related information hampers the efficiency of freight movement, thereby limiting the possibility to reduce traffic congestion and pollution caused by moving goods. The Intelligent Cargo concept to be implemented by EURIDICE is supposed to contribute significantly to safer, more secure and efficient freight transport in Europe.”

Cees de Wijs concludes: “With EURIDICE, Logica is striving to implement a worldwide standard for companies involved in the freight transportation business. This leading edge solution will improve the quality of container tracking, thus providing greater security for transported goods.”

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