LBBW Luxemburg celebrates Avaloq’s run with his implementation partner Orbium

Orbium has successfully completed the implementation of Avaloq Banking System […]

March 9, 2009

Orbium has successfully completed the implementation of Avaloq Banking System at LBBW Luxemburg. Orbium, an Avaloq’ implementation partner, has been managing and implementing the project. LBBW becomes the first bank in Luxembourg equipped with the Avaloq Banking System.

For this project, Orbium was the primary implementation partner and was responsible for implementing all the key modules covering front office and back office functionality on the Avaloq Banking System.

The project is for the Bank a major initiative which will significantly streamline operations, reduce manual entries and increase business process efficiencies. Germain Wolff and Jörg Schares, Principal Project Manager and Head of IT/Org respectively at LBBW Luxemburg. “Everything went according to time and budget plans. LBBW is now equipped with a modern and flexible solution that offers all the functionalities it needs and will need in the near future, as well as the ability to customize the software according to its own requirements, without needing outside help”.

Manuel Anton, Partner at Orbium and Program Manager for Orbium on this project. “As the first Avaloq implementation in Luxembourg, the project implied a high level of complexity and was foreseen as quite challenging. Nevertheless, the project went according to schedule. Such projects show how Avaloq Banking System implementations have become standardized. It also demonstrates that the application of a strict and rigorous implementation methodology makes it possible to meet challenging timelines, even in a context as demanding as a first implementation in a new market. A key factor in the success of the project was the seamless cooperation between LBBW, Avaloq and Orbium.”

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