KPMG announces launch of Desktop as a Service platform leveraging Luxembourg IP to deploy rapid, smart and secure remote working solutions

While only 12 percent of IT organizations were prepared to deal speedily with an incident like Covid-19, there is a growing need to develop alternative solutions to offer robust and agile platforms supporting remote working (‘télétravail’) in the future.

May 26, 2020

KPMG Luxembourg today announced the launch of a Desktop as a Service (DaaS or VDI) platform based on OpenSource technology that can be implemented at any company’s data center (at the company’s premises or via a third-party data center) while the end-user will be able to remotely access his/her virtual desktop from any device of his/her choice.

The platform will help companies deploy remote working solutions for their entire workforce with increased security, reducing their costs and time to deploy. It can be used in the back-office of banks, in the accounting, procurement, and finance departments of corporate organizations, and in public service institutions like government ministries or healthcare institutions.

While Desktop as a Service solutions existed prior to the pandemic, companies tended to opt for the better-known VPN solution for the majority of their employees. However, the recent period of homeworking has allowed companies to assess the suitability of VPN technology and, in some cases, questions have been raised regarding its efficacy.

Philippe Bovy, Associate Partner and lead on the project, explains:

“With widespread homeworking in recent months, companies have had an opportunity to stress test their remote access systems. They’re looking at levels of security, time and cost to deploy, ease of use and ongoing maintenance. Taking all these criteria into consideration, the Desktop as a Service model appears to be the smart choice for companies as they look at lessons learnt, rethink their IT strategy and tackle the challenges raised by crisis scenarios such as pandemics.”

Vincent Köller, KPMG Partner and Digital Transformation Leader, went on to explain how remote access solutions are just one area in which IT strategy may evolve as a result of the pandemic: “While business continuity plans (BCPs) include well-established processes that help companies weather a crisis, Covid-19 raised additional challenges that will impact the way we work in the mid- to long-term. Companies will need to rethink BCP models to develop a digital workplace strategy that applies to all categories of employees and that includes collaboration applications, security controls, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs and network support. Alternative employment modes and digital technologies that empower employees and automate tasks will be crucial in the future to remain agile and competitive.”

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