Jiway Luxembourg opens a desk in Geneva

Jiway SA, a Luxembourg Software Company (photo: Luc Charlier), launches its […]

November 7, 2011

Jiway SA, a Luxembourg Software Company (photo: Luc Charlier), launches its Swiss subsidiary on the 1st of November. This will mark a new step in Jiway SA development, with hopes of expanding in the area.

Jiway has a long expertise within the financial industry, especially in the field of top quality Client Reporting as well as reliable Data Collection and efficient Client Relationship Management. The company develops and commercializes two main products: ImPressio (Client Reporting Management Suite) and Kynox (Client Data & Relationship Management Solution).

Jiway is glad to enter the Swiss marketplace under the leadership of Olivier Augsburger: “No doubt that he will provide the experience and local expertise required to make Jiway a success in Switzerland. We are fortunate to have Olivier as a partner, and look forward to leveraging his experience in this new geographic territory” said the directors of the company. Olivier Augsburger is especially experienced in IT production and infrastructure management with thorough knowledge of private banking. He previously worked at Bank of America Geneva, Paribas Luxembourg, JP Morgan Switzerland, Private Bankers Mirabaud in Geneva, ING Bank in Geneva, Bank Julius Baer & Co in Zurich and more recently at SR Solutions SA in Geneva. The subsidiary Jiway Sàrl will be serving Clients from Swiss market but also South and Central Europe area.

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