ING Belgium Secures eBanking for Nearly One Million Customers with Gemalto’s Ezio End-to-End Authentication Solution

Gemalto, the digital security specialist, announces that ING Belgium is […]

September 1, 2011

Gemalto, the digital security specialist, announces that ING Belgium is deploying its Ezio suite of end-to-end strong authentication solutions to deliver increased security to circa one million online banking customers. The Ezio solution builds on Gemalto’s strong authentication platform, security software and Ezio devices to deliver enhanced eBanking protection. Gemalto also provided a full set of complementary services including server integration, packaging and direct delivery of the Ezio Classic card readers to ING Belgium customers anywhere in the world.

The Ezio Classic reader makes use of the smart banking cards that the ING customers already have, to easily generate a One-Time-Password for secure access to their bank account online as well as signing online transactions. This way, ING Belgium fully complies with the strict Belgian regulation for online security and pro-actively keeps its online security in line with the ever evolving online threat levels. At the same time, it provides ING’s customers with an easier way to start banking online and the possibility to bank from anywhere from any  device with an Internet connection.

We have selected the flexibility and scalability of Gemalto’s Ezio server, because it can easily support multiple strong authentication devices, and expand into the mobile phone and optical reader technology,” said Quinten Fraai, General Manager, Direct Channels, ING Belgium.

This is an important success which also embodies our vision to deliver convenience for online consumers without compromising security,” added Philippe Regniers, eBanking Sales Vice President at Gemalto. “With the end-to-end software and service solution, Gemalto ensured ING Belgium a complete implementation.”

ING Belgium is a subsidiary of ING Group, a global financial institution serving more than 85 million customers worldwide. Both the Ezio reader and server are compliant with the MasterCard Chip Authentication Program and Visa Dynamic Passcode Authentication standards. They also conform to R4-EMV, the EMV standard implementation in Belgium.

More info over the ING eBanking Strategy with Quinten Fraai : click here

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