Genii Capital inspires youth through Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

Genii Capital, an international investment management and financial advisory firm […]

March 26, 2012

Genii Capital, an international investment management and financial advisory firm operating within the Finance division of The Genii Group, is hoping to inspire the next generation of young Luxembourgers through its Gold sponsorship of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg. Working closely with the Luxembourg chapter of Junior Achievement International, Genii Capital is seeking to pass on the entrepreneurial spirit of its founders, Gerard Lopez and Eric Lux, to educate and encourage young people throughout Luxembourg to reach their potential.

Over the past six months, Genii Capital has been supporting the organization, not just financially, but also by sharing its wealth of business experience through a series of unique interactive classes with Luxembourg’s youth. Genii Capital is further committed to the development of the organization by providing an active role on Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg’s Board of Directors. In 2012, Genii Capital will also provide a prize for a promising young engineer, which will provide them with the fantastic opportunity to further cultivate their talent by shadowing a world leading professional at the home of the Lotus F1 Team in Enstone, Oxfordshire, UK.

“The benefits that Genii Capital have brought to Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg, since joining as a Gold Sponsor, are significant. It is fantastic that Genii Capital is so enthusiastic and involved with the association and their commitment is inspirational to many young people in Luxembourg. They are able to provide first hand evidence of what it takes to be successful in business which for the growing number of young people involved with our organization is invaluable” Serge Lucas, Director of Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg

Jonk Entrepreneuren was founded in 2005 as the Luxembourg chapter of Junior Achievement Worldwide, the world’s largest organization dedicated to giving young people the skills they need to plan their future. In Luxembourg, the organization runs 10 programs, all seeking to engage with young people to use initiative, create and innovate and promote responsible entrepreneurial skills. In Luxembourg, Jonk Entrepreneuren has grown rapidly since 2009 with over 6500 students, between the ages of 9 and 18, participating last year.

Jérôme Wittamer, of Genii Capital, said: “Genii Capital is delighted to have formed this special partnership with Jonk Entrepreneuren. The organization provides a fantastic model for young people to learn about the principals of business and entrepreneurship that we, at Genii Capital, place such value upon. As a Gold Sponsor of the program, Genii Capital looks forward to further continuing this relationship with Jonk Entrepreneuren Luxembourg in the future as we seek to encourage young people to pursue their aspirations in business.”

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