Fujitsu redefines traditional approach to data center security

Fujitsu announces availability in the EMEIA region of FUJITSU SURIENT Managed Rack Solution, a new physical security solution for data centers.

November 7, 2016

Rob Norris_fujitsu

Rob Norris, Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security EMEIA at Fujitsu

Fujitsu announces availability in the EMEIA region of FUJITSU SURIENT Managed Rack Solution, a new physical security solution for data centers. This is the first product in the new Fujitsu SURIENT security suite, a range of end-to-end solutions that will significantly increase the security of data centers, data transfer and end-user devices.

The SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is designed to prevent unauthorized physical access to servers, data, storage and network components, with enhanced protection provided by the Fujitsu PalmSecure biometric authentication technology coupled with electromechanical locks and sensors.

Comprising racks, electromechanical locks, sensors, rack control servers, biometric authentication as well as installation and configuration services, Fujitsu SURIENT Managed Rack Solution allows organizations to implement granular and user-based access on data center hardware. It provides organizations with one powerful solution to manage access rights, monitor server, storage and network racks and detect when doors are opened and closed, while logging all access in an audit-compliant way. The solution can be easily integrated into existing data center infrastructures as a key component for meeting stringent physical security requirements, preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) demands for ‘accountability’.

The SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is part of Fujitsu’s new SURIENT security portfolio, a comprehensive range of technologies and solutions, which helps organizations across the globe to step up end-to-end IT security. Fujitsu has developed the SURIENT portfolio to address security aspects from endpoints to data centers and data transfer processes, all from one hand, with a consistent, user-friendly approach. SURIENT is part of FUJITSU’s comprehensive offering to manage Cyber Security starting with security consulting and providing a comprehensive portfolio of security services, solutions and products.

Rob Norris, Head of Enterprise & Cyber Security EMEIA at Fujitsu, said: “SURIENT is a new type of security system that addresses security from the root level outwards. With this new portfolio of powerful security tools, Fujitsu is redefining traditional approaches to IT security, while still ensuring maximum transparency and usability. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive security for data centers, data transfers and terminals, as well as the myriad of sensors and devices that make up the Internet of Things. The Managed Rack Solution is the first SURIENT solution to become internationally available and we will add further new security products, services and solutions in the coming months.”

One of the first SURIENT customers is Wilken Rechenzentrum GmbH, a German-based provider of hosted data center services to organizations in highly-regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare and the legal sector. Hans-Günther Märkle, Managing Director at Wilken Rechenzentrum, comments: “Ensuring the highest levels of security is our number one priority. Our customers trust us to keep their critical infrastructures and highly confidential data safe from unauthorized access. The SURIENT Managed Rack Solution from Fujitsu has helped us raise security standards to previously unthinkable levels. It has allowed us to enforce strict and user-specific access control policies, and empowered our customers to take complete control of who can access their hardware and ultimately, their data.”

Pricing and availability

The FUJITSU SURIENT Managed Rack Solution is available immediately to order in Europe, Middle East, India and Africa (EMEIA) through direct sales and Fujitsu’s channel partners. Solution prices start from EUR 7000.

Further modules in the SURIENT portfolio will become available in the coming months. In early 2017, Fujitsu plans to introduce SURIENT Stealth Connect Solution (SCS), enabling highly secure communication between data centers using closed ports technology, and hides possible attack points from potential hackers by preventing port scans.

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