Fujitsu launches new Primergy

Fujitsu introduces intelligent server backbone for a new era with the new Fujitsu Server Primergy Systems to drive power and cooling economies in the datacenter. The Holistic Server Lifecycle Management increases productivity and more effectively uses limited resource.

August 21, 2013

Fujitsu introduces intelligent server backbone for a new era with the new Fujitsu Server Primergy Systems to drive power and cooling economies in the datacenter. The Holistic Server Lifecycle Management increases productivity and more effectively uses limited resource.

Fujitsu  enables businesses of all sizes and pockets to thrive in an age of exploding demand for applications, data and digital content with the introduction of its new generation of Fujitsu Server Primergy Systems. This intelligent server backbone is the cornerstone of Fujitsu’s development of affordable and simple-to-operate reference architectures, such as RapidStructure and vShape, plus solution concepts that address scenarios including business analytics, collaboration and messaging.1

The way enterprises deal with technology is changing. For example, massive deployment of server virtualization, migration into the cloud, and a constantly rising flood of data are driving a revolution in datacenter architectures. Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is now defining how efficiently organizations interact with customers and other stakeholders, and how they manage the development of new products and services.

For decades, ICT systems have been getting incrementally faster, smaller, and more affordable. However, in the cloud era, they also need to become smarter to contribute to business success. For organizations to achieve business advantage more quickly, their ICT must also provide an intelligent backbone for data centers that ensures that they have the compute and storage power to cope with intensifying demand for instant access to data. This is invariably complex to achieve, as all aspects of the infrastructures, applications, their operation and maintenance need to be balanced accordingly.

We are living though a period of tremendous upheaval in the business environment and society as a whole. At the same time, ICT is advancing dramatically in terms of quality, reliability and use of resources. These phenomenal advances mean that ICT can now actually solve the issues facing business and society, rather than just improving productivity and making operations more efficient.”
Uwe Neumeier, Vice President, Server System Sales, Fujitsu Technology Solutions

Designed to harness the reality facing businesses and their datacenters today, the new Primergy systems exponetially increase application performance due to optimized interaction between storage, server and Input/Output operations (I/O). They make better use of limited resources, and so minimize the otherwise substantial energy and cooling costs on an unprecedented scale. To enable fast return on investment, shorten project times and increase the availability of applications and services, Fujitsu also offers a wide-ranging portfolio of tools and customization, supported by a major global services organization.

With Fujitsu’s new Primergy systems, customers are able to turn their technology into a competitive advantage due to:

  • Enhanced Energy Optimization: This allows customers to save energy and cooling costs while ensuring system availability even under extreme conditions, with an additional saving of up to 27 per cent.2
  • Converged Performance: The new generation of dual-socket Primergy servers increase the performance of applications as a result of perfect interaction between storage, server and I/O.
  • Holistic Server Lifecycle Management: Primergy systems make ICT work more efficiently. Up to 55 per cent savings3 on running costs and increased productivity enable organizations to redeploy scarce IT resources to value-creating tasks.
  • Global Lifecycle Excellence: Fujitsu’s broad portfolio of services and tools provide the added benefit of reducing costs throughout the lifecycle, shortening project times and increasing the availability of applications and services.
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Pricing and availability

General availability of the new generation of FUJITSU Server Primergy Systems begins in the second half of 2013. This includes the Primergy TX tower servers for remote and branch offices, the versatile Primergy RX rack-mount servers with leading efficiency and performance, the compact and scalable Primergy BX blade systems providing infrastructure density and converged management, and the density-optimized Primergy CX cloud server infrastructures providing more computing power in less space. Prices vary by configuration.

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