eProseed helps OneLife’s digital transformation

eProseed has successfully implemented eProseed FSIP, its Oracle technology-based Automation and Integration solution, at life assurance specialist OneLife.

October 24, 2016

eProseed_Geoffroy_de_LamalleeProseed has successfully implemented eProseed FSIP, its Oracle technology-based Automation and Integration solution, at life assurance specialist OneLife.

To consolidate the simplification of its corporate structure and its ambitious growth strategy across Europe, life assurance specialist NPG Wealth Management and its Luxembourg life assurance company Private Estate Life became OneLife last June.

“With OneLife we want to offer a unique experience to our clients and partners while increasing our presence and commitment to the European market,” said Marc Stevens, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of the Group at the rebranding announcement.

Driven by the will to “adapt to new generational and mobility requirements” and by the ambition to “overturn conventional attitudes” to life assurance, OneLife has made the choice to deploy eProseed FSIP, an end-to-end automation and integration platform that enables organizations to adapt their business models and operations to meet the expectations of increasingly digital ecosystems.

The tight collaboration between eProseed’s experts and OneLife’s Operations and IT departments resulted in the transformation of OneLife’s core processes, thereby laying a strong foundation for the Group’s ambitious growth strategy.

Digital as a business enabler

Initiated just over a year ago, the complete re-architecture of OneLife’s IT infrastructure – servers, storage, network, security – has led to the deployment of a new Web-scale solution based on a Dell XC hyper-convergent appliance coupled with an abstraction software layer from Nutanix. 2 Oracle Database appliances were added to ensure the high availability of eProseed’s solution. Since then, the teams have worked to build new systems for contract management, business workflows and processes, document management and archiving.

“OneLife is experiencing an in depth transformation across its structure, products and markets. This transformation builds on the new opportunities that digital offers and on the decision we took to make it a real business enabler”, says Eric Lippert, OneLife’s Chief Information Officer. “On the technology side, it has resulted in the complete overhaul of our infrastructure and in the implementation of new software architecture tools. These are the new foundations that enable us to build today’s innovative digital solutions for our clients, partners and employees.”

“With eProseed FSIP automation and integration capabilities and eProseed’s technical expertise, we have led a digital transformation resulting in a better, faster and paperless service to our business users. eProseed’s solution improves our overall efficiency and provides a real-time overview of our clients’ and partners’ transaction portfolios”, he adds.

eProseed FSIP : superior process management with less cost, time and effort

Using the full-stack of Oracle Fusion Middleware and Database products, eProseed has created a comprehensive and highly customizable supervision and insights platform, FSIP. eProseed FSIP incorporates Data Integration, Data Warehouse, Service Oriented Architecture, Business Process Management, Adaptive Case Management, Enterprise Portal, Content Management and Dynamic Business Intelligence products, all in a highly secured framework. The platform automates all the routine works including data collection, archiving, standard report production, raises risk alerts, and helps human knowledge workers focus on more complex tasks better equipped with timely insight.

“The IT transformation projects that we carry out aim to achieve three objectives common to many of our clients”, says Geoffroy de Lamalle, founder and CEO of eProseed. “Our first concern is to automate recurring tasks, thus enabling the reallocation of resources and skills to missions with higher added value, increasing efficiency and improving service quality, which puts the client back at centre stage. Then comes the advanced and real-time integration of data sources with a wide variety of formats and interfacing models. Finally, the adoption of a future-oriented platform such as eProseed FSIP makes it possible to integrate the legacy systems in a single solution based on industry standards”.

Today, the implementation of eProseed FSIP at OneLife facilitates continuous service optimization, helps lower the TCO, and allows for improved client management, while providing monitoring and tracking capabilities for both IT and the business.

More than 3 million documents were migrated from a third party content management system to a new Oracle Webcenter. After the redesign of the business processes, now supported by Oracle BPM, OneLife’s business users are able to more easily manage the workloads and quickly access relevant information when interacting with customers. On top of that, a management-level overview of the operations and client cases is now possible, taking advantage of Oracle Business Intelligence capabilities.

The solution implemented by eProseed is protected by the Oracle Identity & Access Management Suite and hosted on 2 Oracle Database Appliances in order to ensure high availability for the entire Fusion Middleware stack.

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About OneLife

A life assurance specialist with over 25 years’ experience, OneLife offers cross-border financial planning, asset management and wealth management services to Ultra High Net Worth, High Net Worth, and High Affluent clients across Europe and beyond.

Together with a network of select partners including private banks, family offices and independent financial advisors, OneLife provides sophisticated, compliant and innovative solutions that help understand and anticipate the needs of wealthy clients in a world of change.

Formerly NPG Wealth Management, OneLife is owned by leading investment firm J.C Flowers & Co., and currently has 5.5 billion Euros in assets under management.

About eProseed

eProseed is an ICT services provider and a software editor. Honored with 8 Oracle ACE Directors and 14 Oracle Excellence Awards in the last 6 years, eProseed is an Oracle Platinum Partner with in-depth expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Engineered Systems. Not only do eProseed’s experts deliver Oracle’s technology excellence with faster ROI and lower risk and TCO, they also tackle hard problems with innovation and commitment. eProseed furthermore offers high-level services and award-winning solutions at technology and business levels that help solve complex industry challenges.

eProseed’s portfolio of business applications and business accelerators is built on state-of-the-art, reliable technologies and sound knowledge of today’s challenges,  developed and maintained with the highest standards in mind. Comprehensive training and support are provided by eProseed’s experts for both applications and underlying technologies

The people at eProseed are explorers, learners, and innovators. They act with loyalty, respect and strength, delivering what they promise. They seek to see the business through the eyes of the customer and strive to make their expertise and commitment, along with eProseed’s products, contribute as far as possible to the world. These are the deeply ingrained principles that guide eProseed’s employees’ behavior and our company’s decisions and actions.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, eProseed has offices Beirut (LB), Brussels (BE), Dubai (AE), London (UK), New York (USA), Porto (PT), Riyadh (SAU), and Utrecht (NL).


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