eProseed co-organizer of Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB in London

eProseed will co-organize the forthcoming Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB Summit to be held in London.

April 27, 2017

eProseed will co-organize the forthcoming Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB Summit to be held in London. The summit will gather Oracle product managers, eProseed’s highest skilled specialists, and forward-thinking customers from Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), a region in which eProseed has 7 offices, in addition to its headquarters located in Luxembourg.

eProseed‘s CEO, Geoffroy de Lamalle, is proud to announce that the company will be the exclusive sponsor of the Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB Summit for the EMEA region that will take place in London, United Kingdom, on May 9 & 10, 2017.


The Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB Summit is an exclusive event where a group of selected participants drawn from multiple industries have the opportunity to engage in peer-to-peer dialogue, share best practices, participate in interactive sessions and demos, learn about product strategy roadmaps and latest product releases, provide feedback on product requirements, and even influence future product direction.


eProseed’s ACE Directors and members of Oracle’s Product Management and Engineering teams will discuss, with the participating customers, the transformation now taking place in the market as organizations are moving their business models to the cloud.


“The rapid adoption of cloud-based applications by the enterprise, combined with organizations’ desire to integrate applications with mobile technologies, is dramatically increasing application integration complexity. With simplified cloud, mobile, on-premises and Internet of Things integration capabilities, all within a single platform, Oracle SOA Suite 12c meets this challenge and delivers faster time to integration, increased productivity and lower TCO”, notes Geoffroy de Lamalle.


“In fact”, he adds, “eProseed has recently recorded a number of significant achievements at the EMEA level, notably with production customer deployments of SOA Cloud Services and Mobile Cloud Services.”


This edition of Oracle Integration & API Cloud CAB Summit will explore in particular the new Oracle iPaaS integration services that enable users to quickly integrate on-premises and cloud, mobile or IoT applications, including Oracle Integration Cloud, Oracle SOA Cloud Service and Oracle API Manager Cloud Service.


About eProseed

eProseed is an ICT services provider and a software publisher. Honored with 14 Oracle Excellence Awards since its inception 7 years ago, and boasting 8 Oracle ACE Directors, eProseed is an Oracle Platinum Partner with in-depth expertise in Oracle Database, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Engineered Systems. eProseed is also the publisher of FSIP, a comprehensive financial supervision solution dedicated to Central Banks, Financial Regulators and Supervisory Authorities.

eProseed’s portfolio of business applications and business accelerators is built on state-of-the-art, reliable technologies and sound knowledge of today’s challenges, developed and maintained with the highest standards in mind. Comprehensive training and support are provided by eProseed’s experts for both applications and underlying technologies.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, eProseed has offices in Beirut (LB), Brussels (BE), Dubai (AE), London (UK), New York (USA), Porto (PT), Riyadh (SAU), Sydney (AU), and Utrecht (NL).

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