An innovation society calls for a digITal ‘wake-up’ in the […]

March 22, 2010

An innovation society calls for a digITal ‘wake-up’ in the

European workforce. The need to foster highly-skilled,

fl exible and future-ready citizens fi t for the digital economy

is critical to achieving the goals of the EU 2020 strategy.

Should we be alarmed that there is no sense of readiness

for Europeans to build e-Skills into their career? The latest

IDC survey1 of over 1300 employers, revealing that only

10% of jobs will be left for ICT illiterates, would indicate

yes! Advanced ICT jobs are not seen as an attractive

career path and ‘digital ambassadors’ or role models are

lacking – particularly for women. The recent INSEAD

report2 around e-competence curriculum guidelines

recognizes the need to step up ICT professionalism and

increase the number of those being trained in the fi eld.

The need for action and momentum inspired the launch

of the fi rst ever European e-Skills Week (1-5 March 2010).

This is a pan-European awareness-raising initiative

launched by the European Commission DG Enterprise

and Industry and driven by the active support of DIGITAL

EUROPE and European Schoolnet to inform students,

young professionals and SMEs about the vast

opportunities that ICT-related education and jobs present.

Microsoft is proud to be one of the leading partners in

this venture together with other industry leaders and

stakeholders through some of the following collaborative


More information on Skills for employability and the

European e-Skills Week:



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