Dimension Data’s SDN event: Fully booked!

Dimension Data’s « Drive Business Agility with SDN » event that takes place tomorrow is fully booked.

May 20, 2015

Dimension Data’s « Drive Business Agility with SDN » event that takes place tomorrow is fully booked.

Luxembourg – “Most people working in IT today have heard of software-defined networking as the next step in the evolution of networks. The term appears in industry news publications, thought leadership articles, and IT-related websites and blogs all over the world. But whether the concept is fully understood yet – its technical meaning, as well as its wider implications for the industry – is another matter” says Paul Carvill, Network Business Development Manager, Dimension Data Luxembourg.

The aim of tomorrow’s conference is to enable the client to gain valuable insight into current SDN initiatives and directions, to learn what SDN means for today’s business and to understand the key points to consider when defining a SDN strategy.

“The advent of software-defined networking – an innovative new approach to network architecture – promises to be the important shift that will drive significant changes in how your network can be built and operated… and, ultimately, in the entire networking industry” adds Paul Carvill.

If you could not attend the event but are interested in knowing more about the topic, please take Dimension Data’s 10-minute SDN readiness self-assessment or contact Dimension Data Luxembourg’s experts for a copy of the presentations given during the event.

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