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Dimension Data plc, an ICT services and solutions provider, today […]

February 23, 2012

Dimension Data plc, an ICT services and solutions provider, today unveiled a comprehensive range of cloud services aimed at making it easier for companies to accelerate their adoption of cloud computing. Available on a global basis, Dimension Data’s Cloud Services enable companies to be more agile, lower IT infrastructure management expenses and reduce cloud migration complexity and risk.

The global provider’s cloud offerings simplify planning, design, deployment and management of private, public and hybrid clouds. Dimension Data also introduced its Managed Cloud Platform™, a global delivery platform for all its cloud services, and Dimension Data CloudControl™, its cloud management system that automates provisioning, orchestration, administration and billing.

The Dimension Data Cloud Services suite is designed to address the many requirements of an organisation’s path to the cloud, whether it’s at the beginning of its usage of cloud and virtualisation, or well on its way to leveraging the benefits of self-service, hybrid cloud models. Because all Dimension Data’s Cloud Services are delivered on the same platform, it’s easier and more cost-effective to expand from one cloud model to another as the demands of the business change.

More about Dimension Data on ITnation.lu with Eric Hausman, Cloud Business Director of Dimension Data Luxembourg here : http://www.itnation.lu/news/dimension-data-place-le-cloud-au-coeur-de-luxembourg/

Dimension Data Cloud Services

  • Cloud Enablement: advisory and consulting services to help clients understand cloud readiness, governance, IT optimisation, data centre consolidation and technology architecture
  • Cloud and System Integration: integration services across traditional on-premise IT systems and private, public or hybrid clouds
  • Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS): virtual servers and storage provided as a service in both shared (public) and dedicated (private) environments:
    • Public CaaS: provides compute resources via a flexible, shared service with both pay-as-you-go and monthly plans.  The service includes CPU, RAM and storage on demand as well as a web-based user interface and access to an API for provisioning and orchestration.  The service includes 24/7 access to a Service Desk and an online Community support portal.
    • Private CaaS: provides a pre-determined set of compute resources as a dedicated service deployed in a client data centre. The service includes CPU, RAM and storage as well as a web-based user interface and access to an API for provisioning and orchestration. The service includes the cloud infrastructure, implementation, cloud orchestration and automation technology and ongoing management by Dimension Data.
    • Hosted Private CaaS: a Private CaaS hosted in a Dimension Data data centre.
    • Provider CaaS: designed for service providers to offer a branded cloud service, the service can be customised with an organisation’s own brand and deployed in a Dimension Data or client data centre. 
  • Managed Hosting: dedicated infrastructure and application management services interconnected to our public and private cloud. Includes management of applications, data, databases, networking, virtual and physical servers, optimisation, and performance.
  • Managed Services: a set of support services, including patch management, device configuration and backup
  • Advanced Cloud Services: value-added services, including cloud-based back-up and disaster recovery, implemented on our  Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP)
  • Application Services: applications hosted and operated on our MCP.

“Our clients realise the transformational potential of cloud computing, whether it’s moving into new markets, launching new products, or improving IT efficiency. They’re also aware that migrating to the cloud is complex, with significant implications to their business across operations and IT.  Our Cloud Services are designed to help clients reduce cost, move faster and manage risk effectively.”
Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data’s Cloud Solutions Business Unit.

Chris Lewis, Group Vice President International, Telecom & Networking at research firm IDC said: “Although the adoption of cloud services will grow over the upcoming years, organisations have varying requirements, assets and expertise to throw into the cloud pot.  Some organisations want a fully-managed service while others may want to build their own.  As companies evolve their cloud thinking, they will aim for a balance between automation and control – inevitably ending up in some form of flexible hybrid cloud solution but, most importantly, without disrupting service or processes.”

Cloud Service Differentiation

Dimension Data Cloud Services offer differentiated capabilities, including:

  • Guarantees on availability, performance and service experience
  • Self-service, web-based administrative interface and API for control of both public and private cloud
  • Dimension Data CloudControl™ – an integrated cloud management system that provides automation, orchestration, provisioning, metering and billing
  • Control of hardware-based networking for configuration cloud-based VLANs, firewalls, load-balancing multicast and NAT
  • Technical Operations – a set of support services available on request covering areas such as patch management, device configuration and backup
  • Common architecture across private cloud and public cloud environments enabling organisations to interconnect cloud environments to support bursting or community clouds.

Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP)

Dimension Data’s Cloud Services are delivered on the company’s Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP), a fully-managed cloud delivery platform. Hosted within a Dimension Data or client data centre, the MCP is comprised of cloud infrastructure (servers, storage, networking, virtualisation and operating system software) and Dimension Data CloudControl™, a cloud management system that provides operational control and automation of cloud resource provisioning, orchestration, administration, and billing. The MCP can be accessed via a web-based user interface or REST-based application interface (API), enabling integration of the platform with third-party cloud or enterprise system management software. Based on the cloud management system of OpSource, Dimension Data’s wholly-owned enterprise cloud and managed hosting business, Dimension Data CloudControl™ was further developed for use across public and private cloud environments with a common framework for management. As a single platform for all of Dimension Data’s Cloud Services, clients are able to easily move between public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud models without having to re-architect and re-integrate the underlying infrastructure, saving time and money.


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