Devoteam deploys a new enterprise social network

Devoteam, an international ICT consulting and services company, specialized on […]

May 10, 2010

Devoteam, an international ICT consulting and services company, specialized on connecting business and technology, announced it has chosen the Jive Software as new platform of collaboration. It will also replace the old intranet system. It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution to support full collaboration among its employees, which constitutes an advantage for the Devoteam Group development.

This collaborative platform aims to promote and encourage information sharing among the 4,500 employees located in 23 countries. Collaboration is at the heart of the Devoteam strategy and is identified as a key success factor to:
– Facilitate business development for the clients
– Develop synergies more efficiently cross countries and cross practice areas
– Encourage employees to develop their competence and adopt new working practices in line with technological evolutions
– Expand collaboration with the customers.

Thus, as the co-chair of the Group, Godefroy de Bentzmann explains, “the success of Devoteam is based on different pillars. Collaboration is a central one and is determinant. Investing in an innovative and powerful tool today is a step we are taking with confidence: our teams are ready to lower geographic and cultural boundaries to truly build a single Group and benefit from the expertise, know-how and experience of each employee. We believe that the JIVE solution will help us to this next step of collaboration and support our project to develop a 2.0 Devoteam worldwide.” This platform is a real social network dedicated to the company. So far, Devoteam was using a traditional intranet. The company wants to allow its employees to increase their internal network, communicate, share information, experiences or documentation more easily. The JIVE platform precisely offers many opportunities for sharing, discussion, blogging, and profile management. Jive has an environment closely matched to a social networking tool and is also easy to use, which is a crucial factor for the adoption of the tool by employees.

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