Deutsche Börse Offers New data service provides information on corporate actions

The Index Corporate Action Forecast expands Deutsche Börse’s offering in […]

May 14, 2009

The Index Corporate Action Forecast expands Deutsche Börse’s offering in index data business. The new data service is the first to supply bundled information on upcoming corporate actions and their effects on Deutsche Börse indices.

The forecast provides detailed information on upcoming corporate actions such as dividend payments, stock splits and spin-offs including currency information. Thus, with the Index Corporate Action Forecast, forecasts on all corporate actions that affect the DAX®, DAXplus® or DAXglobal® index families, can be subscribed to on a daily basis. As a rule, data is available ten days prior to the respective event; in addition, Deutsche Börse experts validate the data no later than three days before an action goes into effect.

“The Index Corporate Action Forecast enables market participants that track Deutsche Börse indices to prepare themselves in advance for impending changes in the index parameters. The added value is primarily in the high quality of validated information as well as the classification of the effects on the respective index,“ said Hartmut Graf, Head of Issuer Data and Analytics at Deutsche Börse.

Moreover, Deutsche Börse was recognized at this year’s Global ETF Awards in New York in May. Deutsche Börse received the award for “Most innovative ETF Index provider Europe” for the second time in a row. Receiving this award again confirms Deutsche Börse AG’s position as an innovative leader in the international index business and honors the numerous product innovations developed in the past few years.

Market Data & Analytics calculates and publishes more than 3,000 indices in total. Deutsche Börse thus ranks among the world’s major index providers. Market Data & Analytics also compiles, distributes, and markets independent capital market information, such as price data, trading statistics, and back office information for banks and financial institutions. With its innovative range of products, Market Data & Analytics stands for maximum transparency, reliability, precision and integrity.

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