DekaBank Expands Use of SunGard’s Martini Securities Finance Solution

DekaBank, one of Germany’s leading asset managers, has expanded its […]

March 4, 2009

DekaBank, one of Germany’s leading asset managers, has expanded its use of SunGard’s Martini to include support for principal lending and collateral management.

DekaBank selected SunGard’s Martini, which provides integrated trading and operations support for securities finance, in 2003. The expansion of Martini’s use will help DekaBank support its high trade volumes while reducing its administration needs and overall trading risk. In addition, the solution’s configurable user interface will help DekaBank achieve cleaner and faster process management and quicker time to market for new products. It will also help DekaBank improve its ability to limit and manage exposure across the business.

Walter Kraushaar, head of short term products, DekaBank, Corporates and Markets, commented: “Martini’s principal lending functionality will help us to bring additional liquidity to the market, something that we see as being critical to our growth in the immediate future. We are very pleased that we have been able to work with the SunGard team to configure our solution to support specific roles and business needs, and we are confident that Martini is still the best choice to support our securities lending business.”

Brain Traquair, president of SunGard’s capital markets and investment banking business, said: “In such unprecedented times it is important that DekaBank has both scalable and functionally rich technology to support its repo business. The tools available with SunGard’s Martini can help banks, broker/dealers, hedge funds, and other investment funds, improve their risk management and enable the use of collateral whilst also helping them reduce intra- and inter- entity financing costs.”

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