DCL Group celebrates 10 year company anniversary!

DCL Group, an Internet and e-commerce company, made of the […]

June 18, 2010

DCL Group, an Internet and e-commerce company, made of the well known Datacenter Luxembourg, EuroDNS and voipGATE, reaches a milestone as it celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, DCL Group has managed to position itself strongly on the European map and also across the oceans in its respective fields of expertise: Datacenter and Infrastructure, Domain Names, Telecommunication and VoIP. With the recent creation of LuxCloud, DCL Group is opening a new era and positioning itself as a leader and key Internet player within the GrandDuchy and Europe. Xavier Buck, Founder and CEO of EuroDNS, comments “These 10 years have been exciting and challenging. We have had hectic and interesting moments throughout the years. Thanks to the commitment and belief of a number of actors, as well as strong operational teams, we have achieved our goals. Internet is a fast moving world and we are completely in tune with it ”

It all started with the meeting of two completely different characters, Marco Houwen and Xavier Buck who decided to change the Internet world. They were ready and eager to become pioneers and open new eras. They started their journey with the creation of Datacenter Luxembourg (www.datacenter.eu) in 2000, which became an independent datacentre service provider. In just a few years and thanks to constantly improving infrastructure and connectivity within the Grand Duchy, Datacenter Luxembourg expanded within the European scene with a large panel of services.

Only 2 years later and in the wake of the .EU domain name extension, Xavier Buck decided to take over the domain name world and he created EuroDNS (www.eurodns.com), a worldwide domain name registrar. Today, EuroDNS counts more than 300 extensions and is much more than just a registrar. EuroDNS covers all aspects of the industry: the primary market with its large panel of extensions worldwide; the secondary market targeting domain name investment and auctioning with Domain Invest (www.domaininvest.lu); the online brand management with its corporate arm eBrand Services (www.ebrandservices.com), helping some of Europe’s largest companies to develop and strongly position their brand on the Internet; the media side with the management and deployment of the domain name news portal, DomainNews (www.domainnews.com); the domain name recovery side with DomainRecovery.com, which provides an online step-by-step solution to the domain recovery needs; major tools such as domain history, monitoring, ownership search, mark alert and typo squat domain finder, thanks to the participation of EuroDNS in one of the top 200 most trafficked websites in the world, Domain Tools (www.domaintools.com). Following the new technological trends and the telecommunication industry, Xavier and Marco created voipGATE (www.voipgate.com) in 2004. voipGATE rapidly became a unique and leading Operator in Voice over IP by offering telecommunication services and local Phone Numbers across the world. voipGATE also created strong partnerships with PBX key brands and various mobile devices. The insurance of flexibility, reliability and ease of use are truly part of voipGATE’s goals and values.
Marco Houwen concludes, “We couldn’t have written the last 10 years differently and I am proud of what we have achieved and where we stand today. With our constant willingness to create, reach, innovate, and be successful, the next 10 years will surely be full of surprises and new challenges. And we are ready!”

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