Datapro is now operating in Europe with a first success at Banco Bradesco Luxembourg

Datapro Inc. wins his first installation in Europe of its […]

September 1, 2010

Datapro Inc. wins his first installation in Europe of its e-IBS Core Banking System in Banco Bradesco Luxembourg S.A., a branch of Banco Bradesco in Brazil, which specializes in Private Banking Services. Datapro’s e-IBS Core Banking System complies with all financial market and country regulatory requirements. A direct interface with FRS Global Systems was developed to generate all Payments, Regulatory and Risk Management Reporting required by the Banking and Regulatory Administration of Luxembourg.

e-IBS Core Banking operates its business logic layer on the IBM I5 server using DB2 database, its presentation layer can be implemented on any application server that supports the J2EE standard. The presentation layer is written in JAVA and the business logic layer in ILERPG.

Datapro is developing a version where the business logic layer is also written in JAVA allowing its implementation on any platform that supports the J2EE standard and will be available for ORACLE, DB2 and SQL databases. The planned release date for this version is first quarter of 2009. Datapro has over 150 clients in 28 countries.

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