Conference on “Data Security in Luxembourg” by KPMG

More than 100 people participated in the conference organized by […]

May 21, 2010

More than 100 people participated in the conference organized by KPMG, a number that seems to confirm that Data Security is of concern for key players from the marketplace. It is or should be on the agenda of senior management as the protection and privacy of data is ultimately in their responsibility. This not only since data has got a monetary value for certain employees. Statements like this motivated KPMG in Luxembourg to organize a conference such a conference.

As speakers to the conference KPMG was happy to host:
• David Hagen from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financie. He talked on “Aspects of Data Security in the Financial Sector”.
• Dr. Jürgen Hohmann from Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale together with Dr. Stefan Benzschawel from Centre de Ressources pour les Technologies de la Santé (CR SANTEC) du CRP Henri Tudor presented their views about “Protection of personal health data in national and international contexts”.

Alain Piquet, as Head of Advisory at KPMG in Luxembourg, opened the conference and Michael Hofmann, Partner in charge at for IT Audit, IT Attestation and IT Advisory hold a speech on general aspects of Data Security and the latest international evolutions on developments. He also presented a brief overview of KPMG services concerning the subject. KPMG follows here not only the classical approach via a IT, Forensic, People and Process perspective – there are also innovative concepts like a game to increase the integrity and motivation of employees, but also web based security awareness trainings for companies, as people are still the weakest part in the security chain.

During the following round table discussion the mentioned speakers were joined by Dr. Raymond Lies, General Director of Centre Hospitalier du Kirchberg and Pierre Weimerskirch, member of the board of the Commission nationale pour la protection des données. They presented their view on Data Security from a practical perspective and from the regulatory authority.

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