Compellio and PwC Luxembourg announce a Joint Business Relationship in Blockchain and Digitalisation

Compellio S.A. and PwC Luxembourg are joining forces to launch a Joint Business Relationship (JBR) bringing new and innovative services in the fields of blockchain and digitalisation.

October 26, 2018

Compellio’s newest product, the Compellio Registry, is an online blockchain-based platform which enables organisations to quickly benefit from the added value of Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) without the need for cumbersome infrastructure development or expensive smart contract programming.

With the Compellio Registry, companies and public institutions can easily leverage blockchain in their sector-specific use cases and streamline all processes related to data registry, data certification, timestamping, or proof of existence

From counterfeit protection and supply chain traceability, to audit controls and compliance, organisations can use the Compellio Registry to prove ownership of physical and non-physical assets, protect sensitive data, certify receipt of information and monitor data in real time. 

Being compatible with private and public cloud architectures, the Compellio Registry brings the power of blockchain technology to mainstream IT applications while complying with the recent regulations as GDPR

Its fast adoption in diverse business sectors ranging from EU institutions to premium agriculture producers is a strong indication that the Compellio Registry can effectively help clients to realise the benefits of blockchain in their mainstream business.

PwC acknowledges that blockchain technologies can offer solutions to several business domains. The versatility of the Compellio Registry could help customers to quickly deploy innovative applications without obliterating existing IT investments.

François Génaux, partner at PwC Luxembourg said: 

Within PwC Luxembourg we invest heavily in technology.  In particular, we are excited by, and embrace, the innovation and transformational change potential being delivered by the Fintech sector. Such change potential drives our focus on digital transformation. For example, we strongly believe that Blockchain technology will enable all types of industries to work more efficiently, more transparently and in a collaborative mode. We are therefore very pleased to announce that we have joined forces with Compellio to support the deployment of such innovative technology across industries. In particular, as the leader in advising and auditing clients in the Asset Management industry, we are committed to supporting the future delivery of ground-breaking Asset Management solutions.

Denis Avrilionis, CEO of Compellio said:

PwC’s reputation as a market leader in professional services is well-established. Compellio’s online tools will be a powerful addition to the trajectory of services aiming at helping clients to accelerate their digital transformation. Together with PwC, we will help clients globally to implement high added-value solutions for their business.”

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