Comit’s «e-Services for Avaloq» connector certified

Avaloq has certified the interface between the «e-Services for Avaloq» […]

August 17, 2009

Avaloq has certified the interface between the «e-Services for Avaloq» product and the Avaloq Banking System. Comit‘s solution has thus been confirmed as a Certified Adapter.

The certification shows the maturity of Comit’s e-banking product while guaranteeing compatibility between «e-Services for Avaloq» and the Avaloq core banking solution. The newly established software partnership between Comit and Avaloq expands and solidifies their existing implementation partnership. This step underscores COMIT’s expansion of its Avaloq service offering and positions it as a producer and provider of software products to supplement the core banking system.

Like the Avaloq Banking System itself, «e-Services for Avaloq» is a parameterisable solution. It covers complex private banking requirements and all aspects of external asset management, in addition to the needs of classic e-banking for the retail segment. The modular and flexible architecture of COMIT’s product sets it apart from similar software. Ideally attuned to Avaloq, the software is based on proven standards and features high scalability combined with low operating costs. The product already has over 4,000 online users.
«We are proud that our product meets the high standards Avaloq sets for its software partners,» said Hans Neber, e-Services Head at Comit. «The performance and functionalities of our e-Services for Avaloq fully match those of the Avaloq Banking System.»

Financial institutions increasingly implement «e-Services for Avaloq»
One of the most recent successes of «e-Services for Avaloq» is the spring 2009 launch at private bank La Roche & Co. in Basel. Bank Vontobel introduced the product in 2008 in order to provide outsourcing services for the Raiffeisen Group, while «e-Services for Avaloq» has been used in the international business units of Barclays Bank since it went live there in 2006. The program’s excellent language versatility, including Chinese, is particularly noteworthy in this environment.
Continuous further development

Comit developed «e-Services for Avaloq» in partnership with Zurich-based IT service providers Netcetera and Ergon Informatik. Since it was introduced to the market in 2004 at Zurich-based private bank Rahn & Bodmer, this e-banking product has undergone continuous further development. The first modules – designed for use with payment transactions, stock exchange transactions and reporting – were then followed by further modules on money market, foreign exchange and fiduciary transactions, portfolio management, corporate actions and settlements. There are currently twelve module groups available, with more in the planning stages.

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