cloud computing and luxembourg law : any constraints ?

All,We all know now that the Cloud Computing is a […]

December 9, 2010

We all know now that the Cloud Computing is a reality in the tremendous word of IT applications and infrastructures.
This now becomes a real strategy for companies by providing infrastructures, cost control and investments gains. More over, it reinvents the paradigm of traditional collaboration model between IT and Business people in companies : they are now allied and aligned on same objective and work together hand in hands.
But beside the advantage of the business model, a question is rising up : Is the Cloud computing model compliant with local government law for data hosting and security ?
Typically, can a large bank or insurance companies in Luxembourg chose to host its data in Cloud which meand not espacially into Lux territory ?

Maybe some oy you will be able to light my candle on this legal point.

Thanks for your input and happy to join your group !


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