Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg uses hospital information system from Siemens with SAP for Healthcare

In the near future, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) will […]

August 21, 2009

In the near future, Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) will be installing the basis module of the hospital information system (HIS) i.s.h.med by Siemens for more than 1,400 users. The selling point for the hospital’s decision to purchase Siemens equipment were the integration into the existing ERP and SAP for Healthcare System as well as the multilingualism of i.s.h.med. The order of CHL includes the introduction of the basis module of i.s.h.med as well as the necessary services such as the training of users.

The Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg includes 31 wards with a total of 579 beds. Per annum 25,000 patients are treated on an inpatient and approximately 400,000 on an outpatient basis. In the future, the hospital’s clinical processes will be supported by the hospital information system i.s.h.med by Siemens. A special request was that HIS should operate in both German and French.

“Because Luxemburg has two official languages, we want to provide our employees with the possibility of working with the system in both languages“, explains Jean-Paul Freichel, Directeur administratif et financier at CHL. The full integration of SAP for Healthcare as well as the broad functionality of i.s.h.med were equally important. “We need a system that supports processes across departments and helps us to optimize communication and improve our treatment management. To this end, i.s.h.med is the optimal solution for us”, adds Jean-Paul Freichel.

As a first step, the basis module of i.s.h.med will be introduced during the fourth quarter of 2009. This module provides, for example, transparent order and report communications which prevent double examinations. Upon request the personnel of the clinic are being trained accordingly so that they are able to handle the solution rollout across the clinic on their own after the basis module has been introduced. CHL plans to implement the solution over several phases. For this reason, CHL was highly appreciative of the modular HIS structure. In addition to the basis module i.s.h.med, CHL is already testing the introduction of the surgery module as well as the modules i.s.h.med medication, i.s.h. med charting, and i.s.h. med ward that support inpatient processes.

The i.s.h.med software solution is a hospital information system fully integrated into SAP for Healthcare. It is implemented worldwide in more than 300 hospitals and numbers among the internationally leading IT solutions in healthcare. All rights of use and patent rights belonging to the i.s.h.med software have been recently acquired by Siemens.

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